What Religion Is Ketanji Brown Jackson? Fans Are Curious And Speculating Her To Be Jewish

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Explore Ketanji Brown Jackson religion. An attorney drew attention after President Biden selected her for Supreme Court nominee. 

An American attorney Kentaji Brown Jackson has recently been all over the news after President Joe Biden selected her for Supreme Court. She will be the first Black woman in history to be in a high court. 

President Biden has been reviewing the profile for a while with the announcement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's retirement. Following that, Jackson got nominated to replace him. 

While the nomination is still up, let's give a quick scan on an attorney, Ketanji Brown's personal life. 

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What Religion Is Ketanji Brown Jackson- Is She Jewish? 

Kentanji Brown was born on 14 September 1970 in Washington, D.C, to her father, Johny Brown, and her mother, Ellery. A 51-years-old attorney grew up with a very supportive family. 

Her parents completed their education at historically black colleges and universities. Regardless of her personal details, there is no official news on Ketanji's religion. 

Moreover, Jackson has yet to reveal her religion to the public. Also, there is no information on her being Jewish. 

Still and all, she is involved with an organization named the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) and is married to a Jewish husband. 

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Meet With Ketanji Brown Jackson Husband And Kids

Kentanji is married to her husband, Patrick Jackson. The couple tied a knot with each other back in 1996 and has been together for over two decades.  

Kentanji and her husband, Patrick, share two adorable daughters. The family shares a beautiful bond while caring and loving each other. 

 As for Patrick, he is a physician and a surgeon, and a 6th generation Harvard graduate. He also has a twin brother who is Janna Ryan's brother-in-law. 

However, looking into her kids' profiles, there are not many details available on the children. Regardless, they seem to be doing well in their life.

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Where Is Ketanji Brown Jackson Now? 

Ketanji Brown serves the district of Columbia Circuit, U.S., Court of Appeals as a circuit judge. As a reputable attorney, she has recently been on the news for the Supreme Court nominee. 

Jackson is currently preparing for the nomination after president Joe Biden selected her. 

Previously, former President Barack Obama appointed her for serving United States District Court as a judge for Columbia district. 

As per CNN, Kentanji Brown received an offer call from president Biden on Thursday night. If confirmed, she would be the first Black woman working on the highest court.

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