A phobia is a persistent, uncontrolled dread of a certain object, place, or activity. Some of the most prevalent phobias in humans include agoraphobia, acrophobia, pteromerhanophobia, and claustrophobia. 

However, as @doodledoodledavey said, chromohydrophobia is an uncommon sort of phobia.

Two distinct types of phobia might have fused to form a new phobia, i.e. Chromophobia and hydrophobia. Chromophobia is a conditioned fear or aversion to colors that are persistent and unreasonable. Hydrophobia, on the other hand, is a psychological dread of water.

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Meaning Of 'Chromohydrophobic' As Video Creator @doodledoodledavey Claims To Be

According to TikToker, @doodledoodledavey, Chromohydrophobic means phobia of having colorful drinks. 

For those of you who are curious, this is completely genuine. "I've always been afraid of drinking anything other than water, he mentioned in the comment section. 

Furthermore, in the video, he claims that anything other than water appears to him like dirty water.

Breaking the term into fragments helps us to analyze the meaning of the work used By Davey in the video. 'Chromo-' or 'chrom-' is a Latin prefix that means "color." And Hydrophobic means anything that repels water or is afraid of water.

@doodledoodledavey I’ve been chromohydrophobic for as long as I can remember. #drpepper #fanta #funny #fyp ♬ original sound - doodledoodledavey

This is a reference to the colorful drinks Davey refuses to drink in the viral video. Davey's diagnosis, however, appears to be a little confusing as there is no such word with the meaning explained.

Furthermore, the word 'aquaphobic' is more commonly used to describe a fear of water than 'hydrophobic.' This is due to the fact that hydrophobic is a word used in biology and other sciences to describe a material that repels or resists water, such as oil.

The word 'chromohydrophobic' does not exist and is coined by the TikTok user to describe his aversion to consuming colored liquids. The origin of the phrase is unknown.

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Chromohydrophobic In The TikTok Video Of Davey Explored

Davey, aka @doodledoodledavey has just uploaded two videos as of now, and a salrady amassed a followers of 47.1k. His first video featured him discussing his diagnosis, Chromohydrophobic, and tasting beverages other than water for the first time.

Davey can be heard in the film saying that he has 'chromohydrophobia,' and has never drank a sip of the colorful liquids seen in the experiment.

@doodledoodledavey Reply to @ttr.125 What should I endure next? #vodka #water #funny #fyp ♬ original sound - doodledoodledavey

Davey then drinks traditional beverages including Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, lemonade, and a blue slushie.

Davey's responses to such sweet drinks are natural for someone who has never sipped anything other than water or milk. He rated zero for the majority of the beverages and a minus for Dr. Pepper.

Because of his sickness, we can observe him making unpleasant looks. Similarly, near the end of the film, he is meticulously brushing his teeth to remove all traces of the beverages he tasted.

Since several of his followers encouraged him to try non-colorful vodka to watch his reactions, he released a new video two days ago. He tasted vodka for the first time and requested that his fans bring him more challenges since he is ready to conquer his phobia.