What Is 'Mike Who Cheese Hairy' On TikTok? Meaning And Meme Explained

TikTok is a place where anything can become popular if enough people find it funny.
TikTok is a place where anything can become popular if enough people find it funny.( Source : gavi )

TikTok is a place where anything can become famous if enough people find it funny.

It is a hosting service for brief videos that belong to the Chinese business ByteDance. It features a wide range of short-form user videos, with lengths ranging from 15 seconds to ten minutes, in genres such as pranks, stunts, tricks, jokes, dancing, and entertainment.

The Chinese market first saw the launch of Douyin in September 2016, while TikTok is the app's worldwide counterpart. Most areas outside of mainland China saw the release of TikTok for iOS and Android in 2017.

However, the app didn't go global until 2 August 2018, when it merged with Musical.ly, another Chinese social media site.

'Mike Who Cheese Hairy' is one of those TikTok phenomenons that have taken over TikTok.

What Is 'Mike Who Cheese Hairy' On TikTok?

"Mike who cheese hairy" is one of the most well-known expressions on TikTok anytime after 2019. Anyone who had used the app for more than a day was probably familiar with it.

The expression "Mike who cheese hairy" alludes to a "prank" fad on TikTok in which users ask others to read out a statement on a piece of paper.

As one reads it more closely, one will discover that it truly means, "My coochie is hairy." It is a harmless prank intended to make people laugh and make them feel uncomfortable and laugh.

A cup with the phrase Mike who cheese hairy on it
A cup with the phrase Mike who cheese hairy on it ( Source : tshirtatlowprice )

Younger users of the TikTok app frequently do this to their elder parents, who may not be as aware of the practice as other younger children are. Coworkers and other middle-aged persons who don't generally follow social media trends have also been targeted by it.

The coochie in "Mike who cheese hairy" refers to female genitalia, and as such, the people most targeted for the Mike who cheese hairy prank are older women, especially mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and older employers.

The perpetrators are almost always younger TikTok users, often falling into the Gen Z category. 

What Is The Origin Of The Trend?

In 2019, TikTok users launched this term, and the craze it sparked since eclipsed its original user.

A user going by the handle of @meli_a posted the first video that contained this phrase. Soon enough, it spread like wildfire, and now the craze that has swept over the app.

A video inspired all this craze by @meli_a that showed a man reciting a sentence aloud but not comprehending what it meant. Numerous videos employing this sentence have collected 32.6 million views on TikTok as this story was posted.

Longer recordings created from a collection of shorter videos of people pulling this prank on others have been posted to YouTube. These Youtube compilations helped the phrase become even more popular as people started sharing these compilations online on other websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

A TikTok of a person about to do the Mike Who Cheese Hairy trend
A TikTok of a person about to do the Mike Who Cheese Hairy trend ( Source : tiktok )

Due to all this sharing, the phrase has become popular through all channels on the Internet.

The hashtag #Mikewhocheesehairy is currently trending online and has been doing so since 2019.

Since the year of its inception, "Mike who cheese hairy" items, such as mugs, posters, and shirts, have been made available on retail websites like Amazon due to the phrase's rising popularity.

There are also other phrases similar to Mike Who Cheese Hairy. Here they are:

  • Sofa king we Todd did
  • Ben Dover
  • Alpha Kenny Body

However, none of these phrases have been able to capture the same level of cultural significance and capital that "Mike who cheese hairy" has.

As it stands, more and more users are using the phrase and still gaining upwards of thousands of likes and views on their videos.

So, as long as these videos keep being popular, people will keep using the phrase.

What Is A TikTok Trend?

TikTok trends are popular features, songs, sound effects, and/or hashtags used in short videos that go viral.

New trends develop daily, and they play a significant role in making TikTok one of the most engaging social media sites.

TikTok comprises users who create videos and view other people's content.

People frequently copy content from videos that they find particularly enjoyable to share with their niche audience.

The cycle continues until the material spreads like wildfire over social media and the internet.

TikTok trends are a collection of popular features, songs, sound effects, and/or hashtags used in short videos that go viral.
TikTok trends are a collection of popular features, songs, sound effects, and/or hashtags used in short videos that go viral. ( Source : newsroom )

A trend that gets picked up by a well-known influencer can go viral in hours.

When a trend becomes widespread, it takes only a few videos to see another person create their take on it.

Amazingly, these trends are not all that complicated most of the time.

According to the CEO of Movers + Shakers Evan Horowitz, TikTok trends are essentially the second coming of memes.

The CEO also stated that over half or even the vast majority of TikTok content follows some trend. 

Mike Who Cheese Hairy is an example of a TikTok trend being kind of like a meme, especially in its spread.

The trend is also very simple, to the point that everyone can do it, which has helped in its virality immensely.

A duvet cover featuring Mike Who Cheese Hairy
A duvet cover featuring Mike Who Cheese Hairy ( Source : redbubble )

The spread of the phrase has seen much traction in the same way that Vines and memes did in early to mid-2010.

Many fans of the Mike Who Cheese Hairy trend have likened it to containing the same level of humor that Vines had back in their heyday.

However, just like Vines and memes, what you see is what you get, and the meaning of the trend is as surface-level as what one perceives.

Still, the trend has lasted more than three years, which is a lot when it comes to as simple a trend as this one is, and who knows when it will be over.

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