What Is Faze Adapt's Net Worth? Girlfriend And Real Name

Faze Adapt is a YouTuber and social media personality
Faze Adapt is a YouTuber and social media personality( Source : itp )

YouTuber Faze Adapt is one of the fortunate YouTubers and streamers. 

LA-based Faze Adapt is a highly popular YouTuber and the owner of Faze Clan. He is famous online for the moniker "Faze Adapt." However, people call him Alex.

His journey of success is not a cakewalk since he amassed a whopping 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel as of September 2022.

Per YouTube Fandom Wiki, Faze, aka Alexander Hamilton Prynkiewicz, is a director of the COD YouTube channel and an esports gaming platform called FaZe Clan based in LA. 

Alex was one of the few content creators featured in MrBeast's Last YouTuber To Leave Circle Wins $100000 video. He was eliminated at 12th place in the competition, only surviving for 2 hours, receiving no money after leaving the circle.

Apart from this, Alex loves to play games. His Twitch channel has 260k followers as of now.

Quick Facts About Faze Adapt

Date of birthJune 5, 1997
Real nameAlexander Hamilton Prynkiewicz

How Does Faze Adapt Make Money? His Net Worth In 2022

Faze Adapt's net worth is approximately $4 million as of 2022.

 He earns a decent sum of income from YouTube. He collects money from YouTube ads and brand sponsorships. 

Faze Adapt celebrated his 24th birthday
Faze Adapt celebrated his 24th birthday ( Source : instagram )

The earnings displayed on public sources vary from one source to another. Alex has over 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and one billion views in overall videos. Since 2011, Alex has been sharing gaming and prank videos, vlogs, and reaction posts.

Also, Faze Adapt is a TikTok star. His TikTok account has 1.1 million devotees and 6.7 million likes with 0 following. His content is super entertaining, and people love watching his videos. 

Faze Adapt Lifestyle And Career Earnings

Faze Adapt lives a lavish life in LA. He drives expensive cars and lives in a luxurious house.

The budding star Faze has various sources of earnings, such as ad revenue from YouTube and sponsorships, and in addition, Faze has merchandise sales for FaZe Clan products, such as shirts.

Alex gave a pose at his house.
Alex gave a pose at his house. ( Source : instagram )

Faze Adapt Girlfriend - Who Is He Dating Now?

Faze Adapt is currently single and has no girlfriend, per ITV Live. A source confirmed that Faze dated an Instagram celeb Adrianna Scaley in 2014.

After two years of a romantic relationship, the duo separated in 2016. 

Faze Adapt with his ex-girlfriend Adrianna Scaley in 2015
Faze Adapt with his ex-girlfriend Adrianna Scaley in 2015 ( Source : youtube )

According to Faze, Scaley cheated on him. The precise details regarding their breakup are still unknown. The 25-year-old gamer Alex is enjoying his single life and focusing on his career and gaming content.

Faze Adapt Family Background 

Faze Adapt's parents are Peter and Nancy. His father and mother are blessed with four daughters, Milan, Paris, Sydney, and Vienna Hamilton. 

Alex with his sister Milan
Alex with his sister Milan ( Source : instagram )

Besides, Faze's sister Milan is an aspiring social media influencer and TikTok star. She is highly active on Instagram and TikTok.

Her fan following on TikTok gained recognition as a sister of gamer Faze Adapt.

What Is Faze Adapt's Real Name?

Since Faze Adapt grew up in a well-to-do family in Arizona, USA, Alexander became a YouTuber after completing his education. 

Faze Adapt's Twitch account is terminated for 24 hours.
Faze Adapt's Twitch account is terminated for 24 hours. ( Source : dexerto )

The streamer Faze usually plays COD and shares his live streaming on Twitch. As per Dexerto, Faze's twitch account got banned with no prior information in February 2021. After 24 hours, his account was restored.

He has no bio or name on Wikipedia yet, but he is available on social media outlets like Famous Birthday and many more.

By following him on Twitter and Instagram, we can get to know him a bit about his upcoming events since he never misses updating his fans regarding his programs.

He has amassed 2.8 million adherents on Twitter over these years. Also, Alex is available on TikTok. His recent prank video on TikTok has already racked up 22.2k likes. He pranked the public for using the same Netflix accounts by threatening them as it is illegal.

You can watch his videos here. Also, Faze Adapt is available on Facebook with good followers.

Faze Adapt is believed to be a graduate of a renowned university in the USA. However, there is tiny information about his academics.

As per IC, Faze faced tragic bullying during his school days. His small weight is the reason he was the victim of bully and physical harassment.

Some FAQs

How Old Is Faze Adapt?

Faze Adapt recently turned 25 years in June 2022. His birthday celebration images are available on Instagram.

Who Are Faze Adapt's Parents?

Nancy and Peter are Faze Adapt's parents.

How Many Siblings Does Faze Adapt Have?

Faze Adapt has four sisters named Milan, Sydney, Paris, and Vienna.

What Is Faze Adapt's Nationality And Ethnicity?

Faze Adapt's nationality is American as he dwells in LA. Likewise, his ethnicity is out of sight.

What Happened To Faze Adapt?

Faze Adapt was bullied during his school days.

How Tall Is Faze Adapt?

Faze Adapt is 6 feet tall, and his weight is 70 kilograms, a tabloids confirmed.

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