What Is Drue And Gabe Reddit Drama All About? Discussion On Racist Comment

Drue and Gabe Basham are accused of racial discrimination. ( Source : Instagram )

Drue and Gabe Basham are two well-known prominent individuals who have been accused of racism. The two couples posted about their everyday activities on social media.

Continue reading the article to learn the reason behind such hatred.

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What Is Drue And Gabe Reddit Drama All About?

Drue and Gabe are the subjects of much debate on Reddit due to their racist remarks. Gabe was 19 years old when he created an inappropriate Facebook profile.

Someone mentioned on Reddit that, Drue and her family mocked BLM on Facebook. And there is a horrifying video of her sister-in-law "passing out" because her father-in-law dressed up as a black person or whatever."

"Gabe has also liked posts that mock George Floyd. After the Uvalde shooting, they attended the NRA conference, and Lil Drues' father has liked postings that are pro-life and pro-gun."

Drue, on the other hand, posted a video in which he stated that Gabe had already apologized and learned from his error. She went on to say that if we don't give him the room and opportunity to grow from his mistakes, how can he expect to improve?

She claimed that her page has always been focused on positivity and love, as well as allowing others to express themselves. And that she has never used her page to spread hatred or hostility.

Drue stated that we all make errors from time to time as humans, and the best thing to do is to accept and learn from them, which is exactly what they are doing.


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People on Reddit, on the other hand, are chastising them for their mistakes. "Homophobic racism. They are garbage. She's a spoiled brat who makes her husband's health problems all about herself," are some of the hate comments on Reddit.

Gabe is suffering from a lime-sized tumor on the pituitary gland in his brain. 

Similarly, another individual remarked, "They are homophobic and racist. Gabe mocked the Me Too movement."

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Drue And Gabe's Family And Parents

Drue and Gabe got engaged on June 5 celebrating the one-year anniversary of their proposal. Following the proposal, they got married and celebrated the day with friends and family. 

Gabe and Gabe got engaged on June 5, 2022.
Gabe and Gabe got engaged on June 5, 2022. ( Source : Instagram )

The pair has a shared Instagram account where they keep us updated on their daily routine and Gabe's regular health checkups.

They rarely talk about their parents and family. If there is any new information on this subject, we will notify you.

Drue And Gabe Are Social Media Star

Dure and Gabe Basham are social media stars that are active on platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, and YouTube. The internet pair is currently suffering hatred for racism.

They are the most-searched-for issue in the social media results of Gabe participating in racism on Facebook.

Gabe is well-known for posting videos of his everyday activities on his D & G's vlogs YouTube account.

On social media, he posts sweet and amusing moments from their married life. They're known for their pranks, challenges, and food hauls. They have 51.8k subscribers on their channel.

Drue may also be found on Instagram, where she goes by the handle @drue .basham. Her Instagram account has 243k followers and 511 posts.

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