The TikTok meaning of 'Angel Cut With Layers' is a person is a sufferer of domestic violence and needs to be rescued.

The awareness was spread by a famous hairstylist, Leda Fazal, aka Leda-Hair Queens. She is pretty famous on several social media sites like TikTok and Instagram.

Leda can be found on Instagram with the username @ledafazal, with 17.3 thousand followers, whereas she is following 657 people back. The total count of posts on Leda's IG is 984. Her bio says, "Hairstylist-Verified on TikTok, biz, Creator of the Swan Method @swanmethod, EXTENSION PLATINUM COLOR, VIP Classes @ledasvips."

The TikTok star has 2.4 million followers on TikTok, whereas she is following 763 people back. The total count of her likes is 144.8 million as of now. It's pretty simple to mock apps like TikTok for how much time they can waste.

TikTok does not exist primarily to disseminate essential messages and concepts. But it's also true that TikTok can occasionally serve as a platform for communicating messages and facts that people ought to be aware of.

Even though social media is not always beneficial, it has positive aspects. In this situation, becoming more aware of the warning signs of domestic abuse can only make everyone safer and give individuals needing assistance additional ways to do so in a secure environment.

What Is 'Angel Cut With Layers' TikTok Meaning?

Leda Fazal, a hairstylist, clarified that if one of her clients requests an "angel cut with layers," it indicates that they are victims of domestic abuse and are looking for assistance.

Angel Cut With Layers By Leda Fazal
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The term is intended to be a secure means for victims of domestic abuse to ask for assistance without alerting their abusers. She is also known as Leda-Hair Queen and gained popularity for a string of quick films in which she tries to clarify the meaning and proper usage of the expression.

The video, which has received over a million views, has spurred numerous discussions regarding domestic violence. Many hairdressers have chimed in to express their gratitude to Leda for disseminating the knowledge.

There are other methods for victims of domestic violence to communicate their need for assistance besides asking your hairstylist for a certain kind of haircut. A hand signal that a 16-year-old girl used to inform authorities she needed help became viral only last year.

The hand gesture is a simple and discreet way to let others who can help you know that you need their assistance.

Leda-Hair Queen Spreads Awareness

Leda-Hair Queen is an influencer who actively spreads awareness about domestic violence in her TikTok videos.

Nobody should be allowed to dictate how you wear your hair, period, according to her TikTok, which also includes the statement, "Please share this however you can to promote awareness."

More than 1.5 million people have watched the film, which has generated numerous talks about domestic abuse. Many hairstylists have complimented her for training them after she posted since they now understand how to spot a victim and assist them.

I've never heard of this as a stylist, said a fellow hairdresser. I appreciate your sharing. Another wrote: "Hairdresser here, and I have to do this, and I'm sharing with all my hairdresser buddies!" Great Concept!

Women communicate with their hairstylists using a code to indicate that they are in an abusive relationship and domestic abuse victims. If a girl or woman says, "Angel cut with layers," when asked at a salon how she wants her hair done, it indicates that they are experiencing domestic abuse and need assistance.

How To Do Distress Hand Signal?

TikTok has promoted several female-friendly trends to help people deal with various forms of assault, from signals to hidden codes. The distress hand signal is one of the forms.

Distress Hand Signal Designed By The Canadian Women's Foundation
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The Canadian Women's Foundation states that one hand can demonstrate domestic violence. Your palm should be fronting ahead with your thumb tucked in.

Next, you should cover the thumb with your other fingers. The phrase "The violence at home signals for aid" describes this. Immediately dial 999 and request the police if you are in danger. Press 55 to transfer your call to the police if you cannot talk and are phoning from a mobile device.

Flapping the arms up and down is the traditional marine distress signal. To improve visibility, hold a bright object or a piece of cloth. In the aviation industry, a downed pilot would have their hands straight above their heads to request rescue. They would hold their arms straight out to the side if they needed assistance fixing their aircraft.

People were kept at home due to widespread lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Canadian Women's Foundation created a hand signal called the Signal for Help so women could covertly communicate that they were at risk of domestic violence and required assistance when social media was the primary form of communication.

Some FAQs

What Is Angel Cut With Layers TikTok Meaning?

Women utilize the angel cut with layers as a signal to their hairdressers that they are experiencing domestic violence or are in an abusive relationship.

What Is Distress Hand Signal?

A Distress Hand Signal is a hand signal that indicates distress and need of rescue.

Who Is Leda Fazal?

Leda Fazal is a professional hairstylist who came into limelight after talking about domestic abuse in her TikTok videos.