American film director Shirley Barrett is diagnosed with cancer, and her illness has caused her fans to show some concern. How Serious is it? 

Shirley Barrett is an Australian author, screenwriter, and film director. Her debut film, Love Serenade, won the Caméra d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1996. 

Walk the Talk (2000) and South Solitary (2000) are two more feature films she wrote and directed.

Barrett's work for South Solitary earned numerous honors, including the Queensland Premier's Prize and the Western Australian Premier's Prize. 

Rush Oh! (2016) was a long-listed candidate for the 2016 Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction, as well as a finalist for the 2016 Indie Awards for Debut Fiction and the 2016 Nita May Dobbie Award.

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What Illness Does Shirley Barrett Have?

Shirley Barrett was suffering from cancer but her ailment was long ago treated successfully. She is currently a healthy woman with few health issues, as has kept herself fit and in control for many years. 

Moreover, she is a fit lady who has been working on her writings and has received several prizes.

On the other hand, she decided to express her perspective on her experience with terminal cancer. In March 2022, she resolved to write a stoic account of her cancer struggle.

Likewise, she discussed her tale with The Guardians and revealed her feelings and emotions at the time. She's expressed several things, such as having cancer implies having difficult part-time work. 

According to Shirley, the diary fills up with medical appointments, which oddly gives you a feeling of purpose. 

Furthermore, the screenwriter, film director, and novelist has made a name for herself, and her outlook on life has changed since being diagnosed with cancer.

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Shirley Barrett Diagnosed With Cancer- Her Health Conditions In 2022

Shirley Barrett's cancer diagnosis was kept a secret until 2018, and her health is considerably better in 2022. She didn't want to be pitied or labeled as "one of those people who is always talking about the disease," she explains. 

Barrett's imagination became a reality when she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2017. Many people with this disease are given only 5 years to live. 

She went through chemotherapy while editing the text – "I carried on as normal except bald" – and is now on cancer medication. 

Additionally, she says Eleanor is exhausted by the effort because she feels forced to "make the most of it" after conquering cancer.

Following her diagnosis, the mother of two went whale shark snorkeling in Western Australia. 

Initially, the 61-year-old was afraid to reveal his cancer diagnosis in public. But, as of 2022, she has healed completely from terminal cancer and is enjoying a happy life with her husband Chris Norris, and her two kids. 

Her tale was repeated multiple times by The Guardian, and many of them found it incredibly useful in dealing with their cancer diagnosis.

Shirley Barrett Fake Death News On Twitter 

Unconfirmed News of Shirley Barrett's death has made quite a turbulence on Twitter, while her fans are extremely worried about her.

However, her family has did not attest to the authenticity of the news, thus it could be a fake news and a rumor.

Meanwhile, My Bowels: Daily Battles with the Demon Sphincter, the filmmaker and novelist's final book, maybe in the works. 

Furthermore, there are speculations concerning her obituary that have recently surfaced on the internet as a result of the rumor.