The Jesus Christ actor Paul Nicholas illness has not been registered in medical institutes or hospitals. The 77-year-old actor is living a healthy lifestyle.

Paul launched his pop career in 1960. He formed Paul Dean & The Dreamers under the pseudonym Paul Dean, and they were hired to open for The Savages, the backup band for British rocker Screaming Lord Sutch.

The young Nicholas, who would eventually join The Savages as a vocalist and pianist, caught Sutch's attention.

After almost five years, he issued two solo singles under the name Paul Dean. After adopting the stage name Oscar, he started a long relationship with the businessman Robert Stigwood, an Australian.

The first song Nicholas released under his new moniker, "Club of Lights," barely cracked the bottom of the Radio London Fab Forty list when he signed with Stigwood's Reaction Records label in 1966.

What Illness Does Paul Nicholas Have?

Paul Nicholas illness is just a rumor. The famously known Jesus Christ actor is fine and living his healthy life at the age of 77. 

He was born Paul Oscar Beuselinck on 3 December 1944 in Peterborough. Nicholas' father was a former MI6 operative who later rose to prominence as a lawyer for the entertainment and show business.

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As the adorably charming Vince Pinner on Just Good Friends, he rose to fame and, thanks to his seductive blue eyes and fluff of blond curls, became an instant s*x symbol.

Paul Nicholas in the picture from 1977
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Paul also performed the show's theme song, which was later nominated for a BAFTA and lasted from 1983 until 1986. He co-starred with Penny Warrender, played by Jan Francis.

He is the grandson of the head chef on the Union-Castle Line ships traveling between the United Kingdom and South Africa. 

Oscar Beuselinck was a Belgian who served as a merchant navy cook during World War II. 

Until Nicholas was ten, the family spent holidays at his maternal grandparent's house on the Isle of Sheppey.

His father's family lived in Letchmore Heath, Hertfordshire, across from the Bhaktivedanta Manor after his parents split when he was 12.

Is Paul Nicholas Reported To Have Health Problems And Sickness?

Paul Nicholas was not reported to have health problems or sickness on any online media and social sites. He is admired for his reoccurring appearances on Television and in movies. 

There is no such news on his health and well-being, but he has been popular in the movie business since he co-produced and starred in a touring production of the well-known Gilbert and Sullivan opera in 1990.

Jesus Christ Superstar on a sold-out UK tour following the establishment of Paul Nicholas & David Ian Associates Ltd.

After that, Nicholas starred in a nightly fully staged production of The Pirates of Penzance, which once again sold out.

Paul Nicholas shocked the audience with his looks after 40 years
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In 2015 Blockbuster, a musical was produced and starred Nicholas. He played Judge Wargrave in the 2015 film, And Then There Were None.

He oversaw a brand-new Tommy production at Blackpool's Opera House in the summer of 2015.

He was chosen to play Gavin Sullivan on EastEnders in June 2015 while on tour with And Then There Were None.