Lord David Trimble was the former first minister of Northern Ireland and Ulster Unionist Party leader.

On July 25, 2022, Lord Trimble passed away at 77 following a short illness.

Lord David Trimble's wife, Daphne, was a representative on the Northern Ireland Equality Commission. Also, she publicly criticized the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission's (NIHRC) proposals for a Bill of Rights when she was appointed as a part-time Commissioner in 2008.

The public is now really interested to learn about Lord Trimble's illness and health problems, which ultimately claimed his life.

Who Is Lord David Trimble's Wife, Daphne Trimble?

Former politician and academic from Northern Ireland, Daphne Trimble was the late David Trimble's wife.

Daphne Trimble, a former Northern Ireland Equality Commission member, was born in 1953. In 2008, she was elected as a part-time Commissioner in the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC) after serving as a member of the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland. She openly criticized the NIHRC's suggestions for a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland.


She left the NIHRC to run unsuccessfully for the Ulster Conservatives and Unionists in the Lagan Valley constituency in the UK general election in May 2010.

She married David Trimble, a former lecturer at Queen's University Belfast, in August 1978 after earning a law degree. When he was elected to the House of Lords in June 2006, she was given the title of Lady.

Daphne has also worked in educational institutions in the region of Armagh, including Portadown College.

When her husband, Lord David Trimble, passed away on July 25, 2022, she recently became a widow. Before her husband's passing, the two had been married for over 44 years, having wed Lord David in August 1978.

Lord David Trimble Health Issues And Illness.

Former First Minister of Northern Ireland and Nobel Peace Prize winner David Trimble passed away at 77.

As one of the key players in bringing peace to Northern Ireland following the worst of the Troubles, Mr. Trimble played a crucial role in the talks for the Good Friday Agreement.

Since David Trimble appeared at his picture-releasing event at Queen's University, speculation about his alleged illness has gained widespread attention. Mr. Trimble was 77 years old, so weight fluctuation and facial kinks were expected with age.


He appeared to be a little out of sorts, having lost weight. Age may have contributed to the troubles, but the same health problem just claimed his life.

"I think history will remember him as a politician who, in a really difficult time, when we were trying to end 30 years of violence, despite everything, stood up and put his name to that agreement," said Bertie Ahern, a former Taoiseach (Irish prime minister).

On Monday night, tributes were delivered by the Ulster Unionist Party's current leader, Doug Beattie. He anticipated that there would be great sadness in Northern Ireland and beyond.

Lord David Trimble Children And Family

From his marriage with Daphne Trimble, Lord David Trimble has two sons, Richard and Nicholas, and two daughters, Victoria and Sarah.

In August 1968, Trimble married Heather McComb; the union disintegrated in divorce in 1976. His first marriage had no children.

His family reported that he passed away peacefully. He will also be known for being a First Minister, a Peer of the Realm, and a Nobel Prize winner. He will be regarded as a great Unionist as well.