Nora's fans are distressed about their favorite character from The Wild. Find out if the followers will get to see her in the season news of the series. 

In 2022, The Wilds has come up with a new season, and one of the main characters, Nora Reid, is everyone's concern. The first season ended with the cloak-and-dagger, leaving their viewers on cliffhangers. 

An American drama series is about teenage girls who try to survive on a deserted island after a plane crash. However, what they are unknown is being a part of a social experiment. 

The viewers' favorite character, Nora, is shown as quiet and bold in the series. But, the previous season's ending has raised a doubt within the fanatics. 

Spoiler Alert! Skip it if you haven't watched the new season of The Wild.

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What Happened To Nora The Wilds?

Nora is among the teenager groups stuck on the desert island in the series name "The Wilds." She is known for her quiet yet ballistic nature and finds it hard to fit in the group. 

In the interview with one of the other main characters, Rachel mentioned that something had happened to the character Nora, and she lost her hand. The fanatics have predicted the scene to be after the shark attack. 

Season one of the series ended with the revelation of the teenagers being an experiment part. What's more, Nora got unmasked as the mole in the group who is helping in the test. 

As hard as it was for the followers to connect points with all the mystery, the series ended with cliffhangers in season 1. Also, Nora is barely visible in the starting episodes of the first season, which leave her followers worried. 

Is Nora The Wilds Dead In Season 2 Or Is Still Alive?

In The Wild Season 2, Nora's absence left the viewers worried about with her being alive or not. However, she is known to be live in the other episodes. 

Also, following the episodes, her sister, Rachel, has an instinct of her being alive, which might be a hint for the next season of the series.  

Either way, the series has again left so many queries unanswered, and the viewers might have to wait more time for the revelation. 

Nora The Wilds Story Plot And Line

The Wilds started with a plot of a group of teenage girls trying their way to keep with the island after their plane crashed. And Nora falls under one of the teens in the group.

Nora's line showed her as a quiet and intelligent teen who hails from New York. Also, she is one of the crash survivors.