What happened to Leah on Home And Away, fans are concerned as she shared her lack of interest in acting on a podcast. Continue reading the article to learn more about the star.

Leah, aka Ada Nicodemou, explains that she still experiences imposter syndrome and would prefer to work rather than act.

The actress from the show, Home and away is rumored to leave the show. 

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What Happened To Leah On Home And Away?

Fans are wondering what happened to Leah on Home and Away after she shared her dilemma about continuing to act. She admitted in Mamamia’s No Filter podcast that she still suffers from Imposter Syndrome.

Lean shared that it is likely because of this reason that she isn't fully committed to acting.

Leah Patterson, aka Ada Nicodemou, however, expresses her uncertainty at leaving the show. "I'm still undecided about acting." "I always say, 'I'm acting right now,'" Ada explained in a podcast.

"I'm not sure if it's something I'll keep doing."

Leah believes that acting came naturally to her and that she was not trained like everyone else. She is afraid that someone will notice that she isn't very good.

She says she returned to study between stints on Heartbreak High and Home And Away, wanting a more "stable" career. She cites the same reason for her doubts about a career on screen. 

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Is The Leah Patterson Actress Leaving The Show?

No, Leah Patterson is not leaving the show, Home and Away. She revealed that she has just renewed her contract with the show and will not be leaving anytime soon.

With her presence on the show since 2000, it's difficult to imagine it without her. As a result, fans are concerned about the rumor. 

Ada landed a role on Home And Away after her breakout role on Heartbreak High when she was still a teen herself. It's been a long 22-year journey with the show, and it's impossible to think of it without her.

Leah further joked that she is unsure if she would be cast on another series if the show were to end. "I enjoy television, and I enjoy stability." And it's given me a wonderful life.

"I've been here, in this nation, and at home as much as I can with Johnas," Leah explained. "I just think it'd be too much for me to be hustling all the time for different roles and being out of work." And I don't particularly enjoy acting; I prefer to work."

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Leah Patterson And Murder Suspect Ari Parata

Instead of Leah Patterson, murder suspects Ari is leaving the show in 2022. He is not seen since the second episode of the 2022 season when he was arrested after confessing to Matthew Montgomery's murder (James Sweeny).

He was placed in remand, and the Paratas have visited him on several occasions, but all of this has occurred off-screen, which is unusual.

Home and Away confirmed Ari's terminal illness. He died after being diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei, an extremely rare form of cancer. Instead of routine and brutal operations, he'd chosen to die on his own terms, surrounded by family.

As a result, we will be saying goodbye to the actor from the show.