There are many questions surrounding the absence of JJ Da Boss's son Doughboy missing from Street Outlaws since season five. People worry about their beloved member of the JJ's family member. Let's find out where he is.

JJ has 11 children; however, Doughboy is a popular one because he was seen on screen as very exuberant and interesting, which made him a fan favorite. Due to JJ's influence, his son also decided to pursue family tradition and make his future in automobiles.

The entire family of the racer is loved by the viewers and they deserved the praise because they risked their lives for their fans and traditions. JJ's father was also a racer and that was a reason he found himself in the racing industry.

What Happened To JJ Da Boss Son? Doughboy Accident

Many regular viewers of Street Outlaws are wondering about Doughboy because he suddenly disappeared from the show, so many unanswered questions and speculations indicate he might have been involved in an accident.

As per various sources, JJ's son had a medical issue that occurred due to his past accident which resulted in an issue with a disc in his back. This forced him to be confined to a rest. It looks like he will not be seen behind the steering any time soon.

However, there is also another rumor that is said to be a reason behind his absence; he has a legal issue that caused him to be incarcerated and till that is sorted out, he won't be seen in the show.

People will have to understand that legal reason is just a rumor, and no official source has answered about it. Even in the show, the cause of his missing was not answered until much later; JJ said it was due to a medical issue.

JJ Da Boss Son Net Worth

Doughboy's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million; however, this also combines his father's wealth. There is a lack of official information about his assets to the general public, but he is certainly rich.

Since he went missing from the show, his activity on Instagram has also stopped, the last post being in 2019. On Instagram, he has more than 14,000 followers and goes with the handle nameĀ doughboymso.

On his old Instagram, he can be seen showing off his cars and lavish lifestyle. He has also shared pictures of his wife and children. His missing from the show has certainly resulted in the declination of his wealth.

In the future, it can be expected that he will be seen in the show after he gets out of the trouble he is currently surrounded in.