What Happened To Brylee Walker? Bus Accident Case As Family Still Remembers

Brylee Walker bus accident in Muddy Creek Township, Pensalvenya, led to a havoc situation. A tractor-trailer killed the bus driver and 14-year-old.

On Tuesday afternoon, 4 November 2021 bus accident on Interstate 79 in northern Butler County killed a Hermitage girl Brylee Walker.

The accident injured eight Mercer County teenagers and two of them being severe. Brylee Maddison Walker, a 14-year-old of Hermitage teen, died at the scene.

Walker was seated directly behind bus driver Lindsay Thompkins, 31, of Aliquippa, who also died in the accident, according to state police.

What Happened To Brylee Walker?

Brylee Walker bus accident news spread like wildfire disheartening many in Muddy Creek Township, Pensalvenya. She studied singing performance at Lincoln Park. 

The bus Lindsay was traveling north on I-79 near Exit 99 (US Route 422) when it collided with the back of a tractor's trailer truck driven by Karandeep Singh, 29, of Calgary, Alberta.

According to reports, the school bus was transporting students from Midland's Lincoln Park Performing Arts School, where Walker was a student.

Jordan, Brylee's older brother, said he knew his sister had died when he heard the driver was killed.

"Brylee sat directly behind the bus driver, never-changing seats. She had no desire to be in the back, "Jordan stated

"I just hope it was quick," he added. "What is going on? What if she's wondering who will help me as all these other people get off the bus? It simply hurts."

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Muddy Township Bus Accident Death and Obituary

According to her obituary, Brylee Walker was a Lincoln Park Performing Arts School freshman with a "passion" for music. 

Brylee enjoyed spending time and traveling with her family more than anything. Students at the school started a GoFundMe to help the families of Thompkins and Brylee raise money.

"We are emptied and heartbroken by the loss of one of Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School's previous students and the bus driver," the school said in a statement posted on social media.

Furthermore, the statement added, "Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this tragedy."

Two Jamestown girls, ages 13 and 17, were seriously injured and airlifted to a hospital by medical helicopter, according to state police.

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The 17-year-old was flown to Pittsburgh's UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, while the 13-year-old was taken to Pittsburgh's UPMC Children's Hospital.

The accident injured ten other passengers, including six from Mercer County.

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