Ramon Sosa is a boxer turned murder survivor whose bone-chilling story of surviving a murder has become the national headlines.

Investigation Discovery's "American Monster" has recently covered the peculiar case of Ramon Sosa's survival.

A successful boxing and gym trainer was battling divorce with his wife in 2014. Problems arose for him when he knew that his wife wanted him dead.

Ramon fought all the odds in his life with cooperation from his friend and the police. Hence, his story became the attention of the media and public making his story reach many.

What Happened To Ramon Sosa? Boxer Fakes His Death From Wife Lulu Sosa

Ramon Sosa had to fake his death from his estranged wife, Lulu Sosa.

Their divorce fight reached such a height that Lulu wanted her husband to be gone forever. Hence, she hired a hitman to kill Ramon while she moved on in her life.

Lulu had asked her friend, Mundo, to hire a hitman and help her with a further plan. Unbeknownst to her, Mundo is a close associate to Ramon, who instead reported to Ramon.

Hence, Ramon and Mundo's friendship saved the former's life by faking Ramon's death with the help of the police. 

Daily Mail UK had reported all the fake pictures from Ramon's fake murder scenario.

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Explore On Ramon Sosa Murder Plan By Lulu Sosa

Ramon Sosa's life became a major obstacle to Lulu Sosa's retirement plan. She intended to grab on to Ramon's life insurance after she would kill him for good.

Hence, she and her teenage daughter asked the Sosa family's close friend, Mundo, to carry out the murder plan.

As Mundo betrayed Lulu, Ramon took the help of the police to fake his death and made Lulu confirm her crimes on camera for strong evidence.

Hence, Mundo created a fake hitman named Paco from the 1993 classic cult, "Blood In Blood Out," in which Paco is revealed to be an undercover cop at the end of the movie.

A cop acts as Paco and reports as if he really killed Ramon while making Lulu confess to her crimes on camera. ESPN's Walking Dead has brought forward Mundo and Ramon's perspectives throughout their mission.


Murder Survivor Ramon Sosa Wikipedia Bio

Ramon Sosa is originally from Puerto Rico who had moved to the U.S. when he was very young. He thrived in Houston and had only returned to his homeland when he was seventeen.

After discovering his passion lay on the corner of the boxing ring, the boxer started The Woodlands Boxing Fitness Gym on Rayford Road.

It was where he met his loyal friend Mundo in 2005. Throughout his life and success, Ramon's success screamed to the Playboy Mansion, and his photos with Hugh Hefner and Mike Tyson are major highlights.

Ramon met his wife Maria de Lourdes Dorantes, aka Lulu, in a salsa bar and got married in 2009. The couple's love and business tactics were unshakable as Ramon trained boxers in the ring while Lulu tended to the office.

Lulu's greed for full alimony and more money from Ramon's life insurance caused her to solicit her husband's murder plan.

Ultimately she failed and is now serving 20 years in prison. Meanwhile, Ramon has moved on from his loveless marriage but bravely shares his murder story in the media.

His 2019 book, "I Walked on My Own Grave," is a hit among crime readers that also received a positive 4.2/5 reviews from Goodreview

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How Much Is Ramon Sosa Net Worth?

Ramon Sosa has seen all the richness in his life, including his boosting net worth to a sad marriage in which his wife tried to kill him for money.

As his gym became a hit among young trainers, the former couple used to earn $20,000 a month. Both Ramon and Lulu partied, bought cars and motorbikes, and went shopping from the gym.

Sadly, Lulu had hired Paco to kill Ramon for $2,000, and some expensive Ramon watches after some time in their marriage.

The millionaire Ramon was lucky to escape such an ordeal and has earned more from his book sales in 2022.