Bill Canny's sudden absence from the show, Moonshiner, has left his fans wondering what happened to him. Let's find out.

Bill Canny is one of the best Moonshiners cast members, and his peers and partners respect and admire his abilities.

In addition, he is also a master carpenter and builder who can create anything he imagines and a musician.

Canny enjoys music and has stated that he would be lost without it. He attributes his love of music to his father, Jeff. Scroll down to learn more about your favorite moonshine maker and his whereabouts. 

What Exactly Happened To Bill Canny On Moonshiners?

Bill Canny left the show Moonshiners due to a disagreement between the cast members. On the show, Bill Canny frequently has arguments with Josh Owens, who is one of his partners in the series.

On the other hand, Canny has not issued an official statement explaining the reason for his departure from the show.

Despite their constant disputes, the couple was skilled at making liquor on the show. Bill was featured on Moonshiners from 2012 to 2019, according to IMDb.

On December 6, 2011, Discovery aired the first episode of Moonshiners. There have been ten seasons so far, and its 11th season released date has not been disclosed till now.

Based on 1,249 user votes, the series currently has a 5.9 out of 10 IMDb rating.

The show's cast members really make Moonshine on the show. However, they keep the nature of their work hidden from law enforcement.

That being said, there is some fancy camera work and editing going on, which may make things look a little dire than they are. There is also controversy following whether the show is really a reality show or is fake. 

Whether he will make an appearance in season 11 or not is unknown to us. 

Where Is Bill Canny Today? Current Whereabouts Explored

Bill Canny is living his life playing several instruments and has not started any other job at the moment.

Moreover, based on his Facebook profile, he has spent quality time hanging out with his girlfriend, Sara, and building houses in the last few years.

In addition, he recently went to watch "The Caroline Miracle League", which is a baseball match between every type of child.

He shares his experience on Facebook and encourages everyone to watch and fund the program. 

Given Bill's vast experience in making Moonshine, it's likely that he's still making liquor today; he's just not on the show anymore. He claims to have witnessed far more positive energy among the children than nuclear fission.

Furthermore, according to his Facebook post in July, he was diagnosed with Fall sickness, which is the case where you experience more tendency to fall, increasing the chance of injury.

But he has not given any update regarding his health after that. We hope he is recovering. 

Why Did Bill Canny Leave Moonshiners?

It is said that Bill Canny left Moonshiners because of the constant dispute with his co-star, Josh Owens.

However, his reason for leaving the Discovery show is currently not disclosed by Canny. Or maybe he has left the show because he was diagnosed with fall sickness.

However, we can just predict and not declare any reason for his departure. We just wait for his official announcement to be revealed, which we doubt he will disclose on any day.