What Happened To Ant Glizzy? Shooting Linked To His Cause Of Death

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Rapper Ant Glizzy was shot to death in the streets according to Twitter rumors, and his followers have been concerned since the news broke.

Ant Glizzy is a popular rapper best known for his hit tune "Having Fun," which has received hundreds of thousands of plays on Soundcloud.

Glizzy is one of the most well-known figures in the city. The follow-up to his 2015 mixtape, Glizzy Ant Barbara Son 2, was published in 2016.

Rapper Ant Glizzy was reportedly  shot and killed in the streets, according to Twitter rumors. He appears to have a large following on Twitter, as tributes continue to pour in.

Is Ant Glizzy Death? Shooting Linked To His Cause Of Death

Ant Glizzy's death news is just a false rumor since the concerned parties haven't confirmed it yet. The rapper was reported dead following a street shooting; however, the information is inaccurate.

Rapper Glizzy is said to have smoked during the brawl. That's certainly enough to stir up Twitter postings and comments. Consequently, the number of homage and RIP tweets has begun to rise.

Ant Glizzy's death is excepted to be a false alarm in the absence of official confirmation. We've been through this before, and many times, since it's usual these days for a rapper's name to be linked to the shooting.

Regardless, the rapper recently went live on Instagram. As a result, we've concluded that all of those reports are just death hoaxes.

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What Is Ant Glizzy's Real Name?

Ant Glizzy is a DC-based rapper whose real name is yet to be uncovered. He may not be a household name in hip hop, but his brother Shy is a well-known figure in the DC rap scene.

Glizzy, who was born on 28 February 1992, is now in his thirties. He has had a successful rap career despite hustling his entire life.

When it comes to family matters, Ant Glizzy comes from a Muslim background. As he grew older, he began to read the Quran. 

Ant Glizzy alongside his brother Shy started collaborating on rap lyrics and rapping together. The two share a great relationship but he didn't include him in his music video yet.

In 2011, his younger brother, Shy Glizzy, began rapping and formed the Glizzy Gang. Meanwhile, Ant Glizzy launched the album, Ich bin nur der Bote, in 2020.

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Ant Glizzy Wife, Net Worth & Instagram

Ant Glizzy's current relationship status is single and unmarried. Still, he had shared a photo of himself and his lover on Instagram in 2021.

Glizzy's five-figure worth, estimated to be around $300,000, encapsulates his musical career and achievements. He's all over Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms, from underground rap battles to songs and albums are hit.

Ant Glizzy certainly knows how to flex all of that fame. He has swanky cars, luxurious properties, watches, and a large sum of wealth to live an excellent lifestyle in the United States.

On Instagram, Ant Glizzy goes under the username @barbarasonlive with 19.5K followers. He has just four posts at the moment including a picture of him with his mother Barbara Glizzy.

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