Annastasia Hester got murdered when she was resting in her own home; little did she know her known ones had been plotting to kill her. 

Annastasia Hester was a young mother of her daughter, who died in 2016 after getting attacked brutally in her place. At the time, the officers rushed down to the scene after getting her call. 

Sadly, she passed away with the multiple stab wound on her. Meanwhile, the officers began investigating the murder case, hunting down the lead. 

To everyone's surprise, what the police found next in the case shocked the public. 

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What Happened To Annastasia Hester From Gresham? 

34-years-old Annastasia Hester was a single mother when she lost her life at her own house. She got stabbed more than 60 times when she was on the bed. 

Later on, her ex-husband and his lover were found guilty of the horrible crime. At the time, the ex-couple was undergoing the custody of their daughter. 

Annastasia, nicknamed Ann, started facing troubles in her life when she married her husband, at the time, Matt. Their marital relationship soon took off after she found him cheating. 

However, Ann's ex-partner's new affair leads to her death. As a single mom, she worked at a call center to earn bread for her family, also going through her child custody. 

On the day of the murder, she went to her place in the apartment and removed the air-conditioner unit. Further, the neighbor heard a disturbing sound from her area. 

Oregon Mom Annastasia Hester Killed In Sleep

The attack killed Annastasia Hester by stabbing her over 60 times; while sleeping. After getting attacked, she called 911 for help and explained the situation. 

Soon the team reached out to her and took her to the nearest hospital. The wound was from a half-inch to eight inches deep, with injuries in her vital organs.  

As per the autopsy result, she lost her life to homicidal violence. Following it, the detective mentioned that she was in bed when she got attacked and tried to escape to the front door but got stabbed again. 

Where Is Annastasia Hester's Daughter Annie Today?

After Annastasia Hester got brutally murdered, the police officers searched for her daughter, Annie, who was with her father. 

Annie went through a tragedy when she was a young kid. She now likes to live a private life and might probably have her own family in the present day.