What Does The "Fish Hook Tickler Mean"? Ole Handshake & Urban Dictionary Meaning Explained

Fish Hook Tickler Handshake is trending nowadays on social platforms. What does it imply?

A handshake is a sort of greeting that involves clasping hands and moving them up and down quickly. However, in modern times, it could represent a variety of things. The Fish Hook Tickler handshake has recently gained popularity in the scenes. 

What Does The Ole Fish Hook Tickler Mean? 

The Ole Fish Hook Tickler is a special type of hand sign or gesture. The baseball players from the University of Mississippi do it every time they get on base. The gesture shows, that players use both hands to form a special symbol that resembles a fishhook or a Wolf.


On Reddit, the use of the gesture has become a hot topic, and many people have speculated on how Ole Miss players have might use the symbol.

@JamesonRaider has commented on a Reddit post: "looks like the wolf that NC state throws up"

Nickyjha says: "Probably something the team came up with. The Mets used to do that pepper grinder thing that looked like they were giving a handjob."

@larrycorser says: "They took it from NC State’s Wolfpac. That’s why they called themselves the Wolfpac in WCW"

In addition to everything else listed, it's also the sign for quiet coyotes and a terrorist group. There are probably hundreds of different meanings for the same hand gesture. Nevertheless, we can very often see the use of the gesture whenever the University of Mississippi player plays.

Ole Miss Fish Hook Tickler Handshake Palm- Urban Dictionary Meaning

According to the Urban Dictionary, Fishhooking is the act of putting one or both hands' fingers into the mouth and pulling. It often refers to a quick jab to your jawbone, like catching a fish by a hook.

Meanwhile, the gesture is also similar to a fish shape handshake, also called the Tickler, which is performed by joining hands but usually, the middle finger is used to tickle the palm. While shaking the hands of a person giving a palm tickle with his middle finger could mean different things. The gesture is often regarded as offensive. 

Fishhooking could also be used in wrestling or fighting sports, however, it is illegal in the U.F.C or WWE (nowadays) because it is so brutally painful.

What Is Fish Hook Tickler And Where Does This Term Come From?

A Fishhook tickler is a handshake where we shake hands and at the same time tickle the palm of others. It is often regarded as offensive or intimidating.

@mrwhitethunder55 The ole fish hook tickler #gym #joke #ilikeyou;) #thickerthanasnicker #thickfila #fyp ♬ original sound - Hank Mardukus

Following the handshake demonstration, someone with the handle @mrwhitethunder55 submitted a video to TikTok at some point previously. 

One particular user has commented, “he did Fish Hook Tickler handshake to my opponents in wrestling when we lined up for introductions and handshakes.” Meanwhile, the video creator has replied it was intimidating.

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