What Does Rizz Mean On TikTok? Uses In Texting And Urban Dictionary Meaning Explained

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Rizz slang means on TikTok, picked an interest of the people. Find out about the word that everyone is using over the platform. 

Over the years, TikTok has been one of the biggest influencing platforms for people. The users have followed the trend while mimicking the things they see on the app. 

Likewise, Rizz has been a common word used over the TikTok. While some people have found it interesting, some have been confused about the world for a while. 

If you are not familiar with the slang meaning of Rizz, then find it out here and get yourself updated on the latest thing on the internet. 

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What Does Rizz Mean On TikTok? 

If looked into TikTok, the users have often used the word Rizz to compliment people for having their game for pulling out the people. What's more, people have started making videos on it upon hearing the people's confusion. 

Using the word, the Tiktokers have also used the hashtags and made it the trending videos on the platform. As complicated as it sounds, its slang meaning is simple, and many have used it for the people who are best at their games. 

Until now, there are more than 22 million views on the overall hashtag #What does rizz mean. Also, people who have made the video have got thousands of viewers on the content video.

@luv3rboi13 #fyp ♬ original sound - aj💙.

Urban Dictionary Rizz  Meaning And Uses In Text

As mentioned by the Urban dictionary, Rizz is an NYC slang word created by Kai cenat, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber, which means that "you have a game and get b******."

Additionally, the word has been used in the text over the Urban dictionary as Silky questioning, "Yo! I saw that you were talking to that girl Rachel over there. Did you get the number?" 

Kai replied, "Indeed! You know me, I got maad Rizz." To date, more than three thousand people agree on the meaning, while over 100 people disagree. 

@father.jt what does rizz mean? #HPSustainableSounds #fyp #ComeDanceWithMe ♬ original sound - Jt

Rizz Meaning On Texting And TikTok

Many users have used the Rizz word in different texting, while some have used it to make content and gain viewers on TikTok. 

One of the users has made the video, with the texting, "How do you b pulling? Rizz" and captioned to looked on the urban dictionary. 

While another user made a video of pov by texting, "she knows what Rizz means" Either way, the slang word has been famous among the TikTokers. 

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