What Did Mark Latham Say About Dieter Brummer To Sarah Abo On Twitter? Unseen Footage Goes Viral On Social Media

Mark Latham, an Australian politician, has left Twitter users stunned after posting an aggressive take on the leaders' debate on Sunday night, criticizing anchor Sarah Abo.

Mark William Latham is an Australian politician born on February 28, 1961. Since November 2018, he has served as the state leader of One Nation in New South Wales, and he was elected to the Legislative Council in the 2019 state election.

From December 2003 until January 2005, he was the leader of the Australian Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition, leading the party to defeat in the 2004 federal election.

Mark Latham's insensitive tweet about debate anchor Sarah Abo has shocked Australia, with Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese facing criticism for their treatment of the young journalist.

What Did Mark Latham Say About Dieter Brummer To Sarah Abo On Twitter? Unseen Footage Explored

Mark Latham made cryptic comments toward Sarah Abo and Dieter Brummer on Twitter following the debate between Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese. After the two contestants ignored the hosts' repeated appeals to move on to other questions, Mr. Latham tweeted, "Abo has lost control."

'I remarked "Abo has lost control," and Twitter users mistook that for an attack on Albo and/or racism,' he continued. Dopes. The moderator was Sarah Abo.'

Mr. Latham's statement generated outrage since it was taken as a slur against indigenous Australians. However, he told the Daily Mail Australia that his tweet was misconstrued by the 'outrage industry.'

The One Nation MP's tweets were a "disgrace," according to Nine News director Darren Wick, who defended the Abo against suggestions she lost control of the MPs.

Mark Latham Tweets Goes Viral On Social Media

Following the stormy debate between the two leaders, Mark Latham tweeted a joke about her surname last night. 'Never trust an Abo with something that essential,' the MP cautioned. The tweet has gone viral on social media.

During the furious battle between leaders at the Channel Nine studios on Sunday, the 60 Minutes host, Sarah Abo, fought to keep Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese under control.

On Sunday evening, the One Nation MP sent a series of tweets throughout the debate, labeling it a "s***fight" and claiming that "Abo has lost control."

Mr. Latham referred to Twitter as a sewer on Monday morning as a result of the social media frenzy. The Daily Mail Australia has reached out to the divisive politician for comment.

Mark Latham Wikipedia Explored

Mark Latham does have a Wikipedia page. Latham was born in Sydney and attended the University of Sydney to study economics. At a young age, he joined the Labor Party and worked as a research assistant for Gough Whitlam and Bob Carr.

In 1987, he was elected to the Liverpool City Council, and in 1991, he was elected mayor. At the 1994 Werriwa by-election, Latham was elected to the federal parliament.

After the 1996 federal election, he joined Labor's shadow cabinet but departed the frontbench in 1998 due to a disagreement with party leader Kim Beazley. When Simon Crean became a leader in 2001, he returned to the shadow cabinet.

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