Jeff Lynne is an English singer known as a part of the group ELO.

In 2016, he got nominated to be one of the newest inductees into the 2017 Songwriters Hall of Fame. Likewise, he was even considered in the "Performing Songwriters" category, along with Bryan Adams, Cat Stevens, members of Chicago, and more.

The artist Jeff Lynne has come to attention following his concert at Wembley stadium on the Sky Arts television channel. 

Wembley Or Bust: Does Jeff Lynne Have Cancer?

Jeff Lynne does not have cancer, as far as we know.

Likewise, no information about him being diagnosed with this fatal illness nor the history of cancer records could be found on the web.

Well, his friend and a member of the Traveling Wilburys, George Harrison, died from lung cancer on November 29th, 2001, at age 58 in Los Angeles.

Receiving the news of Harrison’s death of lung cancer on November 29, 2001, was a low point in his life, Lynne admits. The two had become very close in the Wilburys, and the ELO man helped revive the Beatle’s solo career.

In May 2022, the celebration of the great music of Jeff Lynne and The Electric Light Orchestra as the Manx Breast Cancer was held. Likewise, he also has a history of endorsing cancer charity single.

According to his official Wikipedia, Lynne returned to the studio to help finish the uncompleted album in 2002 after losing his close peer to cancer.

Thus, in remembrance of his dear friend Harrison, he was heavily involved in the memorial Concert for George, which was held in November 2002 at London's Royal Albert Hall. 

What About Jeff Lynne Health Condition?

Jeff Lynne's health condition might probably be in a good state and we even wish him to be fit and healthy with an absence of diseases. 

And, if something has happened to him, then the news would surely be known to the media and it would obviously be publicized to his fans.

In 2016, the Lead singer Jeff Lynne was unable to perform due to medical advice and illness, because of which he had to cancel his Dublin gig at the last minute as noted by BBC. As a result, he had to postpone his performance and had to re-schedule the concert at later date in the face of his degrading health situation.

Other than this, other health updates about the musical artist have not been revealed on the virtual platforms.

Who Is Jeff Lynne Wife? 

Jeff Lynne's current and second wife is named Sandi Kapelson, whom he married in 1979.

He shares two daughters named Stephanie Lynne and Laura Lynne with his present wife.

Before marrying Sandi, he was already married to Rosemary Lynne and tied the knot in 1972. But, after five years of marriage,  he and his first wife formally divorced in 1977.

Well, this explains that Lynne has been married twice as the social media notes that ELO frontman Jeff Lynne's first marriage broke up because his wife couldn't agree on a pet name for him. And after the divorce, he moved on and found a new love in his new partner.

What Is Jeff Lynne Net Worth In 2022? His Career Earnings

Jeff Lynne's net worth is assumed to be $100 million as a rough estimate according to Celebrity Networth.

The millionaire musician is found to have racked up such a hefty amount through composing, songwriting, arranging, singing, producing, and his music.

The claim is that Lynne has taken the no. 1 spot and has been enlisted as the top 10 highest-paid musicians for 2022.