On Thursday's episode of Good Morning Britain, Laura Tobin stated about leaving the show after she kept mispronouncing Adil Ray's name.

The weather presenter began her first broadcast by calling her co-star—a Welsh musician and radio and television host—by a different name, which caused him to jokingly correct her.

Later on in the program, Laura repeated the error twice again, each time while attempting to apologize.

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Weather Girl: Is Laura Tobin Leaving Good Morning Britain

Weather girl, Launa Tobin has threatened to leave Good Morning Britain after she was annoyed with Adil Ray. Adil is another presenter of Good Morning Britain.

On the most recent episode of the ITV breakfast program, the 40-year-old brunette and Adil continued their banter, but she closed by hinting that she might quit her job.

Adil had been mistakenly referred to as "Aled" earlier in the program by Laura, and it was obvious that he wasn't going to soon forget it.

Adil joked as they received a new weather report: "Now let's look at the weather. Lisa, er, is at Kent's Castle Farm. Isn't that Lisa, then? Linda, I'm so sorry!"

You two!" Charlotte Hawkins, Adil's co-host, rolled her eyes at the humor. I texted you earlier to apologize, didn't I? Laura retorted before committing the error once more.

She began, "I texted Aled," but as Adil and Charlotte gasped, she instantly realized her error.

"You did it once more! You're doubling down on it, Laura!" Yelled Charlotte as Mirror reported. 

"I actually just texted Adil to say, 'I am sorry,'" Laura said, "and he responded, 'Who is this?'"

"This is my last day of work at Good Morning Britain," she jokingly said, "and I can honestly tell that I've truly liked working with everyone. Thank you so much."

I can figure out better methods to proceed, Laura continued, adding, "We should leave!" "Yes! Quickly move on!" Sounding irritated, Adil answered.

Of course, audiences watching at home weren't blind to the conversation.

"Did I just hear that right @Lauratobin1 is departing #GMB," one user wrote on Twitter and started speculations.

After "failing to turn up for work after a heavy night out" on March 18, 2022, Charlotte Hawkins replaced Tobin.

The weather presenter and her GMB colleagues had a successful night competing in and winning The Ultimate News Quiz. However, she was so preoccupied with the team's historic victory that she neglected to set her alarm and slept in.


Laura likes to celebrate her victories, and she doesn't always go to bed first, Kate said in jest.

Laura appeared on air later in the program holding the team's award. She said she wasn't out partying and said she was having chicken nuggets for breakfast.

Her co-hosts delighted in making fun of her and joked that she should be breathalyzed.

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Where Is Laura Tobin Going?

The part where Laura Tobin suggested about quitting GMB was just a joke interjected during the chat; she is not currently moving anyplace.

At least we hope he will continue to appear on the show where she delivers the weather report with her incredible accent and voice.

Tobin is associated with BBC since 2007 as a team member of BBC Weather Centre forecasters. She eventually started regularly appearing on the BBC News channel, BBC World News, BBC Radio 5 Live, and the on-demand interactive services of BBC Red Button.

She also frequently provided the weather report for the BBC's News at One program. 

She began working as the weather presenter for the newly revamped breakfast show Daybreak on September 3, 2012. On July 18, 2013, Tobin made an appearance on Innuendo Bingo on BBC Radio.

Though Good Morning Britain took over Daybreak in April 2014. Tobin continues to host the program's weather updates.

On April 28, 2014, she performed her first show. Tobin participated in a celebrity episode of The Chase in November 2015.

Hence, she will not be leaving the show anytime soon. 

Meet Laura Tobin's Husband, Dean Brown 

Laura Tobin is married to her husband, Deam Brown on 13 August 2010. After 7 years of their married life, the couple welcomed their first child, Charlotte, in July 2017. 

Dean is a mystery, but they have been dating ever since they were undergraduates at the University of Reading.

"After a few months, our friendship developed into something more, and we eventually fell in love," said Tobin. 


The issue about Dean was that he didn't get overly intense, send me plenty of flowers, and he didn't love me more than anything on earth, as Laura previously stated to The Mirror.

Laura shared a photo from her wedding day on Good Morning Britain as she and Dean celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary.