We Rocking With Mark TikTok Trend - Song and Lyrics Original

TikTok videos made on We Rocking With Mark are gaining loads of attention. What's so special about sound? Let us find out. 

TikTok appears to have some special ability that brings old music or sounds back into the spotlight. This was the case with the track "We Rocking With Mark." 

People from all over the world, particularly Americans, are currently promoting the We Rocking With Mark trend on TikTok. Already, 11.3K videos have been created with the sound.

We Rocking With Mark TikTok Trend

We Rocking With Mark The TikTok trend began when the account "Heated Highlights" posted a video of a coach encouraging their players.

@heatedhighlights_ Reply to @chasahhh Saw some people asking for me to post the sound for this video, so here it is. #fyp #viral #lastchanceu #netflixx #4u #f #funny #4 ♬ WE ROCKIN WITH MARK - Heated Highlights

Everything appears to be normal until the coach says something hilarious at the end. The video was released on March 18, 2021, and it received a lot of attention.

The account holder captioned the video, stating that some people requested that he post the video due to the shake of the sound.

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We Rocking With Mark Song Original Lyrics

We Rocking With Mark isn't a song, so there aren't any specific lyrics. However, here is the coach's speech to encourage his players, which appears to be hilarious.

@morellivic @augu.stt understood the assignment #fyp #foryou #cheer #cheerleading #IDeserveTuitionContest #ZFlipClackdown ♬ WE ROCKIN WITH MARK - Heated Highlights

In terms of the scene, the coach addresses his players, all of whom are Afro-Americans except for Mark.

"You all freaking African-American plus Mark," the coach says at first. Everyone in the room, including Mark, laughs.

He then says something to the effect of "you know what I'm saying with you." "I'm rocking with Mark because Mark is rocking with us," he continues.

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How to do the We Rocking With Mark TikTok challenge 

The We Rocking With Mark TikTok challenge is simple to complete, but not everyone can follow the trend because there is a requirement that not everyone can meet.


When mom has another baby wit a yt man 👨🏼

♬ WE ROCKIN WITH MARK - Heated Highlights

This is because, in order to follow the trend, TikTokers should create a scene similar to the one shown above. 

The majority of TikTokers shot the video in an environment where a white guy is hanging out with African-Americans.

Some of them are also using this sound to draw attention to someone special in their family.

Watch Some We Rocking With Mark TikTok videos  

There are thousands of videos made on We Rocking With Mark TikTok sound. Some of the most popular ones are listed here. 

@ashiaat We rocking with mark 😭 #fyp #mark #ChimeHasYourBack #CandyCrushAllStars #ChimeHasYourBack #cookout #blackfamily ♬ WE ROCKIN WITH MARK - Heated Highlights

If you like the trend, follow it and share it on Tiktok to join the massive crowd that is promoting it.

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