Was Rashad Jamal Arrested Again? Mugshots On Twitter Fake or Real?

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Following the news of his arrest, the hashtags #FreeRashadJamalWhite have been trending on social media platforms.

Not only that, Vontoocut was also trending for the same as he was also arrested who also happens to be a artist. He is being held in the Barrow County jail right now. 

Furthermore, Let's know more about Rashad Jamal Arrested Scene.

Was Rashad Jamal Arrested Again?

Rashad Jamal White, a content creator, was arrested on May 3, 2022.

It was the result of the events of the previous year. Rashad received his son, Zaza, from his baby mom in May according to his wife according to his wife. He was forced to return the child when she accused him of kidnapping her child.

In August, she then claimed that Rashad had asked her 11-year-old daughter to touch his private parts. The marshals then went to their house and broke down the door, but they were not there.

Not only that, He recruited lawyers after that and has been appearing in court since October. He and his family were apparently unaware whether he had a new court date or was required to surrender.

The police stopped Rashad and his family on their way to an eye exam onMay 3d. They charged him with first-degree child molestation and cruelty to minors.

Likewise, he  is currently being held in the Barrow County jail. He made his first appearance before judge Currie M Mingledorff on Friday,May 6h, but was denied bond.

The next court date for the bench warrant issued while he and his family were out of town i sMay 19 at 9 a.m. His wife requested that fans produce character reference letters in order for him to obtain a bond.

Rashad Jamal Mugshots And Charges With Vontoocut

Free Rashad Jamal White and Vontoocut,  Following the news of their arrest, hashtags for Jamal White and Vontoocut have been trending on social media sites.

Similarly, They are both digital content makers who specialize in motivational topics.

According to reports, they were both arrested on the same day,May 3. They are, however, facing separate allegations. Nonetheless, their supporters on social media have been calling for their release.

Likewise, His arrest had sparked numerous rumors on the internet. According to reports, he was detained for felony charges on the same day as Rashad Jamal White.

In addition to that, He was in possession of a handgun and prohibited narcotics. Despite the fact that Von Boogie's mugshots aren't on Twitter, a Youtuber named The Life As JayRocUpNext did mention seeing them.

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How Much Does Rashad Jamal Earn? Know His Net Worth 2022

YouTube and other social media promotions are Rashad's main sources of income. Most YouTubers make roughly $18 per thousand ad views, which translates to $3 to $5 for 1000 video views.

Apart from that, Rashad is a poet and a novelist who has resulted in him a hefty amount of net worth. Since his actual wealth is under wraps, an exact amount cannot be disclosed as of now.

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