Video: Is Liz Truss Leaving Cert Biology? Mocked Over Mispronunciation Of Taoiseach As ‘tea sock’

British politician Liz Truss
British politician Liz Truss ( Source : instagram )

Liz Truss is a British politician who has represented the constituency of South West Norfolk in Parliament since 2010.

Since 2021, Liz Truss has served as Foreign Secretary, and since 2019, she has served as Minister for Women and Equalities. She is a Conservative Party member who has worked in the Cabinets of Prime Ministers David Cameron, Theresa May, and Boris Johnson.

She is the first female Conservative Foreign Secretary, and after Margaret Beckett, the second female Foreign Secretary. On December 19, 2021, Truss succeeded Lord Frost as the UK government's principal negotiator with the European Union and as the UK chair of the EU–UK Partnership Council.

Is Liz Truss Leaving Cert Biology? Mocked Over Mispronunciation Of Taoiseach As ‘tea sock’

After mispronouncing the Irish word "Taoiseach" as "tea sock," Liz Truss was viciously abused on Twitter.

Truss made the error when discussing overriding the Northern Ireland protocol.

"It signals a new low point," Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin said of the proposals, "because the natural assumption of democratic countries like ourselves, the United Kingdom, and all over Europe is that we uphold international accords that we enter into."

When challenged about his remarks, Truss mispronounced the word, exposing herself to a social media backlash.

"I would strongly advise the Irish tea sock to discuss with the EU about this."

It wasn't long before folks on Twitter picked up on the mispronunciation and ran with it.

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Liz Truss Children 

Liz Truss married accountant Hugh O'Leary in 2000. They have two daughters together. She has kept her married life private, as she has most of her other details.

She revealed intentions to transform childcare in England after being appointed as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Education in 2012.

Liz Truss with her husband Hugh O’Leary
Liz Truss with her husband Hugh O’Leary( Source : co )

To increase the provision of daycare, the goals included boosting childcare qualifications and increasing the maximum number of children per adult in a care business, as well as improving salary and qualifications among staff.

When it comes to Secretary of State for Foreign Truss's family, she was born to left-wing parents.

John Kenneth, her father, was a mathematics professor at the University of Leeds. Priscilla Mary Truss, her mother, was a nurse, a teacher, and a campaigner for nuclear disarmament.

Her mother is a strong supporter of the female politician; when she ran for Parliament, her mother agreed to campaign for her but her father declined.

What Is Liz Truss Net Worth?

As per different websites, Liz Truss's net worth is estimated o be $10 million. 

Truss is well-known for her libertarian economic and trade views. Truss formed the Free Enterprise Group of Conservative MPs, a group of free-market lawmakers advocating for a more entrepreneurial economy and fewer labor rules.

Boris Johnson appointed Truss from International Trade Secretary to Foreign Secretary on September 15, 2021, during a cabinet reshuffle, replacing Dominic Raab.

She is the first Conservative female Foreign Secretary and the second female MP to hold the job of Foreign Secretary after Margaret Beckett.

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