Untold Truth About Eilish Mccolgan And Boyfriend Michael Rimmer

Eilish Mccolgan is in a relationship with Michael Rimmer.
Eilish Mccolgan is in a relationship with Michael Rimmer.( Source : instagram )

British Commonwealth gold medalist Eilish Mccolgan is in a romantic relationship with fellow runner Michael Rimmer. They have been together for some years.

Eilish was born on November 25, 1990, in Dundee, Scotland. She just won the 10000m in Birmingham 2022 in a record time of 30:48.60. She holds the European record in the 10 km road race and British records for the 5000 m, 5 km, and half marathon. 

Moreover, the Scottish runner holds the European best time in 10 miles and is a two-time European medalist, with a silver in the 5000 meters in 2018 and a bronze for the indoor 3000 meters in 2017. 

Likewise, Michael was born on February 3, 1986, in Southport, United Kingdom. He has participated in European Championships, Commonwealth Games, Olympics, and World Championships.

Full NameEilish McColgan
Date of Birth25 November 1990
Place of BirthDundee, Scotland
ParentsLiz Lynch-Nuttall (previously McColgan), Peter McColgan
SiblingsOrla, Eamonn, Kieran, Martin
Known ForMiddle and Long-distance running
Recent ChampionshipCommonwealth Games 10000m Gold Medal
PartnerMichael Rimmer

Eilish Mccolgan And Her Boyfriend Michael Rimmer Are Both Olympians

Middle-distance runner Michael Rimmer is the boyfriend of the Scottish middle and long-distance runner Eilish Mccolgan. Both of the partners are Olympians representing Great Britain in the competition. 

Eilish has participated in three Olympics; the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, and the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. 

Both Eilish and Michael are Olympians.
Both Eilish and Michael are Olympians.( Source : instagram )

Likewise, Michael has also taken part in three Olympics; the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the 2012 Olympic Games in London, and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

However, an Olympic medal has eluded both of the runners.

Eilish And Michael Are Co-Founders Of Running Made Easy

Eilish Mccolgan and Michael Rimmer are co-founders of the running academy, Running Made Easy. The couple offers one-to-one coaching classes and training to aspiring and hobbyist runners.

The couple launched a non-profit organization, Giving Back to Track, in March 2022. The organization aims to encourage young people to participate in athletics and fund the next generation of female athletes.

Eilish and Michael are co-founders of Running Made Easy.
Eilish and Michael are co-founders of Running Made Easy.( Source : instagram )

Both of them being in the same field of work, things have been easier for the couple to manage. Posts on social media indicate that the couple is having the time of their lives, getting to work together and spending more time together.

Eilish and Michael have been dating for several years. However, they have not been married yet. Eilish is currently 31 years old, whereas, Michael is currently 36.

More About Michael Rimmer

Michael Rimmer is the first male athlete with over 800m to win national titles for every age group. He is also a seven-time British Champion in 800m events. 

Rimmer's career has been hampered by injuries, which have prevented him from reaching his full potential. However, his personal best in 800m is 1:43.89, 1500m is 3:38, and 5 mile is 25 minutes.

Nevertheless, he never gave up and had a successful career in his regard, with multiple World Championship appearances, three-time Olympic appearances, Commonwealth appearances, and a silver medal in the 2010 European Championship in Barcelona.

Michael Rimmer has 6.5K followers on his Instagram, @michaelrimmer8. Likewise, Eilish Mccolgan has 129K followers on her Instagram, @eilishmccolgan.

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