Undercut haircut ideas for women that are low-maintenance range from classic styles to unique fusions of undercut with other haircuts such as Mohawk, bangs and more. This helps you to maintain your glamor in a practical way.

There is an edginess to undercut that separates you from others and gives you a unique appearance. Apart from the glamor, this hairstyle also carries practical value as it requires minimum effort to maintain. Here are some ideas you can go with and find out for yourself.

1. Classic Undercut

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Classic undercuts for women hold a significant fashion statement that conveys a sense of empowerment and individuality in them. Above all, it is also easy to maintain because it requires less time to wash, style and manage.

This style is a practical choice for ladies who live a busy life but are fond of a chic and trendy look but want no hassle and ruffle. To achieve this, the hair is shaved on one side of the neck while rest are left longer and styled.

2. Pixie Undercut

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A super blend of classic pixie with a daring twist, Pixie Undercut is a fashionable and hassle-free choice for brave souls out there. A trendy look is obtained by cropping hairs on both sides and back of the head while leaving a longer part on the top.

The versatility of this haircut makes it desirable to everyone who loves undercut since you can wear it sleek and polished or tousled and textured. Whenever you go with this styling, you are constantly emitting a sense of self-assuredness and confidence.

3. Disconnected Undercut

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The Disconnected Undercut hairstyle has gained massive popularity in recent times because of the bold and unique vibe that it gives. This edgy hairstyle is obtained by closely trimming the hair on the sides and the back and creating a line to separate it from the longer hair on top.

The disconnected undercut designs for women can be customized to suit different hair textures and lengths. It is really convenient because shorter sides mean less hair to manage which makes daily styling a breeze.

4. Side Shaved Undercut

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Side shaved undercut is a customized version of the classic style with a little twist to create a more bold and edgy look. Rather than trimming the hair short, the sides and back are shaved to highlight the contrast between the top and bottom.

The longer top leaves you with enough room to get creative with styling as you can experiment with sleek and polished to textured and tousled looks. This style instills a sense of empowerment and liberation in a person and also makes her standout in the crowd.

5. Nape Undercut

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A haircut that is edgy in appearance and rebellious in nature and easy to maintain, is what a Nape haircut is all about. The hair at the nape of the neck is trimmed or shaved to contrast with the rest of the hair creating a bold look.

The low maintenance is a cherry on top of this captivating hairstyles with undercut that challenges traditional beauty standards. By wearing this style, you are showcasing your willingness to embrace the uniqueness in you in your own style.

6. Razor Design Undercut

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Just like the name suggests, Razor Design Undercut is achieved by adding razor-sharp and intricate designs or patterns into the undercut area of your hair. This style allows an individual to demonstrate their fashion sense by adding a personalized and artistic touch.

The designs and patterns created in the undercut woman hair are visually pleasing and eye-catching which will leave the spectators captivated. Once you get it done, you don't need to put much effort into maintaining it which is very convenient.

7. Long Undercut

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If you love the classy undercut hairstyle but also love to keep long hair then what perfect choice is there other than the Long Undercut? The approach is simple, the hair on the side and back is trimmed while the hair on the top is left as was.

This striking contrast in length creates a visual allure that you can further elevate by styling your long hair in different ways. This undercut for women carries a sense of unconventional style and an opportunity to shed light on her self-assured personality.

8. Bob with Undercut

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A striking combination of the classic bob and the trendy undercut, that is a hairstyle to be reckoned with in the modern fashion trend. This classy styling is as appealing and convenient as it is fashion-forward.

Bob hairstyles for undercuts include the sharp trimming on the side and back of the head while leaving the top layers typically falling just below the chin. These bob layers add more movement to your hair and give you an edgy and stylish look.

9. Blonde Undercut

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Blonde locks on the top of the head contrasting with the shaved section of the side of hair, as appealing as it sounds it is also equally pleasing to look at. This creative styling choice has the flexibility that allows one to adapt it to their busy daily schedule.

This sleek style offers a chance for you to be creative with your sense of fashion and experiment with the blonde locks to create a personalized look. However, this doesn't mean that you need to take time out of your daily routine just to maintain it.

10. Tapered Undercut

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Tapered Undercut is a creative take on the classic undercut where the cropping on the side and back of the head is done in a way to create a gradual transition into longer hair on top. Once you get it done, it stays like that for quite some time with minimal maintenance.

This women's undercut is a practical choice to get on with your daily routine since a quick run-through with a comb or a slight touch of texturizing product is enough to maintain it. Not to mention that it is indeed an undercut after all and makes you feel confident wherever you go.

11. Faux Hawk Undercut

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The fierceness of a traditional faux hawk blended skillfully with the subtlety of an undercut is what you can expect from a Faux Hawk Undercut. This styling is defined by its bold and edgy nature that creates an empowering look.

In the world of ever-changing fashion, a faux hawk hairstyles undercut is your key to catching up with minimalistic efforts. The longer hair on the crown of the head is styled upwards to create a faux hawk effect which is rather straightforward and easier to maintain.

12. Textured Undercut

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Textured Undercut is that kind of styling perfect for individuals who are fond of undercut and love to maintain some creative textures on their hair. This goes very well with different hair types including straight, wavy, coarse, frizzy or curly.

Women undercut styling is often a symbol of breaking the traditional norm of beauty standards so, anyone who chooses this hair styling is looking to do something creative and unique. What can be more unique than a perfect blend of classic textured hair with a modern undercut?

13. Pastel Undercut

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The infusion of pastel or vibrant colored dyes on the longer hair on the crown of your head creating a striking contrast with the undercut area is what makes Pastel Undercut unique. This experimentation results in the addition of a playful and creative dimension to your personality.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the dyes that you can use to achieve the desired look, however, some of the most loved pastel shades are lavender, mint green and baby pink. A colorful appearance to the unconventional undercut is the true definition of Bold and Beautiful.

14. Pompadour Undercut

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The Pompadour Undercut is an edgy hairstyle that is achieved by combining the classic pompadour with a modern undercut. A neatly trimmer lower part and the voluminous crown of the head harmonize to create a daring look.

The longer hair on the top section is styled upward and forward to create an elegant swept-back appearance that brings out the charm in your personality. This low-maintenance style also saves you time and effort on a daily basis.

15. Undercut with Bangs

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An artful blend of sophistication and rebellion is the words that perfectly describe Undercut with Bangs hairstyle. This aspect is the main reason why it is so popular among youngsters who are always looking for new ways to express their individuality.

This undercuts for long hair is achieved by trimming the lower part of the head and leaving hair longer on the top. The hair is further stylized to create face-framing bangs that add a touch of elegance to the overall appearance.

16. Undercut with a Mohawk

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What happens when an iconic style meets with a bold one? Well, we get the Undercut with a Mohawk, a hairstyle so unique and unconventional in its appearance yet powerful in expression.

The undercut is done in the classic fashion while the hair on the top is structured into a high-standing strip down the center to resemble the classic Mohawk style. The styling is versatile as you can structure it to be sleek and straight or textured and wild.

17. Undercut with Braids

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We get the Undercut with Braids by combining the edginess of an undercut with the elegance of braided hair. This unique combination is versatile and can be personalized to suit one's preference and style.

This hair styling has a wonderful appeal to it since the intricate braids contrasting with the shaved section create a bold and beautiful look. The shaved section requires little to no maintenance while the braids are kept longer to enjoy a stylish look.

18. Undercut with Underlights

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Unique and edgy is the perfect way to describe the Undercut with Underlights hairstyle. This styling skillfully combines two distinctive elements of undercut and underlights to create an eye-catching look.

The sides and back are closely trimmed while the upper layers of the hair are kept longer and dyed in vibrant or pastel underlights. This striking contrast between the bold shaved side and the colorful upper layer gives a dynamic appearance to a person's overall look.

19. Undercut with Waves

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Undercut with Waves is a trendy hairstyle that features a closely shaved section of hair above the neck and long wavy locks on the crown of the head. This low-maintenance style gives freedom to enjoy longer hair without the hassle of constant styling.

The simplicity of this style is the highlighted feature that has a wide appeal while also being equally attractive. This style combines the best of both worlds: undercut and waves, to give an elegant and feminine appearance.

20. Undercut with Geometric Shapes

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If you want to get more creative with your undercut then the best option is to go with Undercut with Geometric Shapes. Attractive shapes and designs are created by shaving the hair on the undercut portion of the head to create an edgy look.

This haircut is fashionable and bold and reflects the inner artist in you and your sense of fashion. By opting to go with this cut, you are treating the hair as a canvas to paint your personal creativity and show it to the world.

21. Undercut with Metallic Tones

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Adding metallic tones to your undercut style offers more edginess and elegance to your personality. The infusion of such tones into the longer hair can range from shimmering silver to vibrant rose gold which helps to add a touch of glamour and individuality.

This style allows you to be glamorous without having to sacrifice your time on extended care and styling. A minimal touch can keep it in place for a long while keeping you uplifted and confident to keep going on with life.