Volodymyr Vist also called Ukrainian Reaper has killed 20 Russian soldiers in the war. The unlikely war hero has gone viral on Twitter.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is the most talked-about topic in the world right now. The fierce street fighting has intensified in Kyiv.

According to recent reports, President Zelenkskyy asserts that Ukraine has stymied Moscow's soldiers' advance and vows that he will not surrender.

There are nearly 200 people have been killed so far. At the same time, more than 100,000 have fled the country since the beginning of the assault.

The country of Ukraine is in dire need of new heroes, and at the time its military troops like "Ukrainian Reaper " are making headlines. 

Photos: Who Is Ukrainian Reaper Volodymyr Vist? 

Volodymyr Vist aka Ukrainian Reaper is a sniper that has 20 confirmed kills in the war.

The new unlikely hero has been bravely defending Kyiv against the Moscow army. The hero has made a killing spree of 20 within two days.

There is an image of the army man posted on social media, where his eyes have been covered to protect his identity.

Ukrainian Reaper has been compared to another hero from World War II known as "The White Death", who was also a war sniper.

The Finnish farmer named Simo Hayha had a total of 700 kills in the war. But the Reaper is still quite short of the 700 confirmed kills.

However, with the intensity of the Russia-Ukraine war growing daily, it is believed that he will keep protecting his motherland.

Is Volodymyr Vist The Ghost Of Kyiv?

Ukrainian Reaper and Ghost Of Kyiv, both are powerful military men representing Ukraine. But, both of them have played a different role in the war.

The Ghost Of Kyiv is an unlikely Ukrainian jet pilot who had downed a confirmed six Russian enemy aircrafts. 

The air force pilot flew a KyivMiG-29 fighter jet. He is the first certified fighter ace of the twenty-first century.

He had downed two SU-35 fighters, one SU-27, 1 MiG-29, and two SU-25 planes on Thursday, February 25, 2022.

On the other hand, Ukrainian Reaper is a war sniper who is protecting his country fighting as a land warrior.

Volodymyr Vist aka Ukrainian Reaper 20 Kills Twitter Video Goes Viral

The photo and video of the Ukrainian Reaper have gone viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Meanwhile, many people are also considering both Ukrainian Reaper and Ghost Of Kyiv are just a myth.

However, since the release of his video, many people have praised his bravery and determination in saving his motherland.

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