Ukraine Politician David Sakvarelidze Criticized For Racist Comments During Interview

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David Sakvarelidze is a Ukrainian politician and former prosecutor who has been a subject of controversy with his racist comments on BBC. Here is everything to know about his interview. 

Former Ukrainian prosecutor, David Sakvarelidze talks about the ongoing invasion in his recent interview with the BBC. However, the interview has not bid well with a lot of people. 

The politician compared the invasion of Ukraine with other events of the world. He even compared the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and how Ukraine is more "civilized" and all of the ongoing events come as a surprise. 

David Sakvarelidze Racist Comments on BBC: Controversy And Interview Details

David Sakvarelidze recently made racist comments in his interview with BBC. 

The politician said, "It is very emotional for me because I see European people with blue eyes and blonde hair being killed by Putin's missiles and rockets." 

Such a statement has left people slamming him and also reporters in the West. A lot of users on social media have made comments about the politician and how he categorized European people above everyone else. 

"Speaking with such a direct racist tone is one thing, but the presenter not asking a question about it reflects how deep the racism is rooted in Western society," A user wrote on Twitter. 

The interview has gone viral on social media as it raises a lot of questions including the possibility of the biased press. 

David Sakvarelidze Wife And Family Details To Know: Is He Married?

David Sakvarelidze has not shared any facts regarding his wife and children. 

Having been involved in Ukrainian politics for years, Sakvarelidze has family roots in Georgia. He was born and raised in Georgia and was once a prosecutor and a renowned politician in the country as well. 

Unfortunately, we don't have any further facts about his personal life at the moment. More details about his family will follow soon. 

David Sakvarelidze Age And Wikipedia: What Did He Do?

David Sakvarelidze is currently around 41 years of age. 

The politician was born in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. He got into Georgian politics at a young age. An attorney by profession, he also became a prosecutor before moving to Ukraine. 

As per his Wikipedia bio, David Sakvarelidze was appointed as Deputy General Prosecutor of Ukraine in 2015. But the politician was later fired under allegations of corruption. 

The controversies followed him and now the politician is being slammed for racism. 

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