Kubon, the famed twitch streamer who streams League of Legends, was also a former professional player.

Kubon is a retired League of Legends esports player. However, after his retirement, Kubon steadily grew on twitch as a twitch streamer.

Twitch: Who Is Kubon_? 

Kubon_ is a well-known content creator and a former professional player in the league of legends community. He has been steadily growing his twitch channel over the past five years.

Kubon_ mainly centers his content around League of Legends and has amassed over 290k followers.

A former professional in competitive play, people, undoubtedly flock to him to see his skill and expertise in action. 

League of Legends can be quite intense, and seeing professionals do insane plays and clutch is satisfying to watch. Kubon's status as a former pro player has cemented his reputation in the League community.

Find Out The Real Name Of Kubon

Kubon's real name is Jakub Turewicz. However, he goes by Kubon in his social media and online persona.

Fans know him as such, and the name has been stuck with him through the years. He went by the moniker Kubon even almost 7-8 years ago in his professional days.

Even avid fans of him mostly know him as Kubon.

Kubon Age And Ethnicity Explored

Kubon is currently 28 years old. He was born on March 9, 1993.

Kubon is of polish heritage, which is predominantly of West Slavic descent. Before receiving international fame as a professional esports player, he was born and raised in Poland.

Whilee not being very young,the twitch streamere is still at the peak of his life. He retired around 2015-2016 when he was 23 years old.

However, it is common for esports players to retire around their mid-20s, as people believe that your reaction times get slower after the mid-20s. Most of the active esports players currently are in their early 20s.

In the top stages of competitive league, even a bit slower reaction time means making it into the top stage or not. While still young, Kubon has successfully transitioned his career to twitch streamer and achieved excellent success.

Kubon Girlfriend: Is The Polish Streamer Single Or Not?

According to our sources, Kubon is currently single. 

The polish streamer doesn't feature any photos of girls in his Instagram or Twitch. He is most likely to be single. Nonetheless, he may also have hidden his relationship from the public's eyes.

However, considering he has no reason to do so, we can say that Kubon is currently single.

Kubon Net Worth: How much does the former Pro Make?

Kubon has an estimated net worth of about $100 thousand.

A former pro and currently a streamer with over 290k followers, Kubon is has made an amazing career out of video games.

His tournament earnings over the year are estimated to be more than $40 thousand. While retired from the professional stage, Kubon is still at the peak of his video game career.