Who Is Trent Thomas? Hammond High Graduation Shooter Family Background and Religion

A 20-year-old man Trent Thomas was arrested on several charges, including second-degree murder in Hammond, Illinois. He has been booked in Tangipahoa Parish Jail.

Trent Thomas started firing at high school graduation on the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University on Thursday, May 19. Three individuals were wounded, and a fourth was injured.

Superintendent Melissa Stilley says the gunfire rang out around 8:15 p.m. as the families left the activity center where Hammond High Magnet was graduating.

Who Is Trent Thomas From Hammond?

Trent Thomas, a resident of Hammond, was arrested on the charge of shooting at the graduating ceremony. Fortunately, the shooting did not lead to the killing but injured three, and a fourth was injured while escaping the incident. 

A 20-year-old Trent Thomas of Hammond has been identified as the alleged shooter by Hammond police.

The shooting occurred on the campus of Southeastern University on Thursday night, and authorities are investigating.

According to a news conference conducted by Hammond police on Friday, four persons were injured in the incident.

Three persons were treated and released after being shot, and a fourth was hurt while fleeing the scene. 

All of those who were hurt were thought to be bystanders. The incident may have been caused by a fight between Thomas and a kid, according to Hammond police.

They also suspect there was a possible gang connection. They were both at the graduation and ran into each other after the ceremony, resulting in the shooting.

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Hammond High Graduation Shooter Parents and Family Background

Hammond High School Graduation shooter Trent Thomas parents are believed to be residents of Hammond, Los Angeles. Many family members of the graduating students were present at the scene. 

At least ten rounds were fired, according to Hammond police, but the precise number of shots fired remains unknown.

The University Center on campus hosted the Hammond High Magnet School graduation ceremony on Thursday night, and the shooting was reported shortly after 8 p.m.

The gunfire occurred outside the University Center building, according to investigators. It happened while graduating seniors were leaving the ceremony to meet their families.

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According to Bergeron, the shooting occurred following an altercation between a suspect and a minor. Police suspect the shooting was gang-related and that there were multiple shooters.

After responding officers noticed Thomas fleeing and pursued him down, he was caught "within minutes." As the investigation continues, further arrests may be made, according to the police chief.

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