Meet Tottie Goldsmith's Parents: Rona Newton-John And Brian Goldsmith

Tottie Goldsmith, an actress and singer ( Source : Latestnews )

Tottie Goldsmith is a celebrity kid born into a wealthy family. She is an Australian actress and singer. In 2022, Tottie appeared on the Australian version of I'm a Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here! in the 8th season.

Her late mother, Rona Newton-John, was a well-known actress in the 1970s. She rose to fame in her first movie, "Homicide" released in 1965. She began her career in modeling and had many minor acting roles - notably on The Benny Hill Show (1969), the British television series UFO (1970), and the film "The Same Skin" (UK) (also known as Brotherly Love (1970)). 

After an accomplished acting career for decades and in modeling, Rona died on May 24, 2013, in LA, battling brain cancer. She was 72 years at the time of her death.


Actress Tottie Goldsmith's Mother, Rona Newton-John

Witch Queen singer Tottie Goldsmith was born to parents Rona Newton-John and Brian Goldsmith. She was widely known as an Australian actress born in Cambridge, England.

Brian Goldsmith alongside his portrait in 1980
Brian Goldsmith alongside his portrait in 1980( Source : Smh )

According to IMDb's bio, Rona comes from an accomplished family. She has an older brother, Hugh, a doctor, and her younger sister is Olivia Newton-John, the famous and late famed British-born Australian singer and actress.

Tottie's mother, Rona, had been married thrice before her death. However, her marital relationship was not as successful as her career. Her third husband, Jeff Conaway, is an actor. They first met at an Allan Carr party during the filming of Grease (1978). 

Rona and Jeff married on January 9, 1980, and divorced after five years of marriage in 1985.

Her second husband was Graeme Anthony Fifield-Hall. They have one child together.

Tottie's dad Brian Goldsmith tied the knot with Romas in 1961 but separated in 1968. 

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Tottie Goldsmith's Father, Brian Goldsmith 

Tottie Goldsmith's dad is none other than Brian Goldsmith (b. March 19, 1932- d. December 24, 2020, a former husband of Rona. Even though Brain has no fame in Hollywood, he is famous in Melbourne as a Melbourne restaurateur and nightclub owner. 

Tottie Goldsmith, Daughter of Rona and Brian Gold Smith
Tottie Goldsmith, Daughter of Rona and Brian Gold Smith( Source : Prisonercellblockh )

According to SMH, Brian was 88 when he slipped away in 2020. Born in 1932, Brian attended Melbourne Grammar School and explored his family business selling china, glassware, and neckties.

But, the commonly entrepreneurial Goldsmith also hit on the idea of selling toy koalas by injecting them with perfume, which made them smell like the Australian bush.  

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What Is The Age Gap Between Rona-Newton John And Brian Goldsmith?

Rona Newton-John and her ex-husband Brian have nine years of age gap. Brian is senior to Rona. 

One of Goldsmith's mates, photographer Athol Shmith introduced Goldsmith to Rona Newton-John, sister of Olivia. Goldsmith and Rona married in 1959. They welcomed two children together.

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Check Out Tottie Goldsmith's Parents' Ethnicity

Tottie Goldsmith's ethnicity is white. Her parents are from Australia. Rons moved to LA for a bright future.

Despite performing in numerous hit movies and TV projects, Rona's bio is not available on Wikipedia. However, her bio and filmography details on IMDb.

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