Top Boy Season 2, Why did Sully kill Jamie, Most fans on Reddit are still perplexed about the ending of the season. Continue reading the article to learn more about the case. 

Top Boy Season 2 introduced us to a new cast of characters to fall in love with, but some fan favorites, like Dris and Jamie, are killed in the show. 

An East London drama series has returned for a fourth season show on Netflix.

With the release of the new season, fans are remembering their favorite moments from the show, such as why Sully Killed Jamie.

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Top Boy: Why Did Sully Kill Jamie?

Why did Sully Kill Jamie?, Top Boy fans are confused as they searched for an answer on Reddit. Several theories have been proposed by series fans as to the reason for Jamie's murder, and each has explained Sully's ruthless behavior as a factor.

One of the fans on Reddit explained, "Sully's murder of Jamie made sense, as they have been reiterating throughout the season. It's pretty clear from the previous season that, Sully doesn't forget or forgive the events," he continued.

"According to the summerhouse resident, Driss was shot 20 times, demonstrating his viciousness. Sully also showed contempt for Jamie throughout the season, particularly in the scenes in Spain."

Furthermore, when Dushane walks Sully out to the car park, Sully says, "You already know how I feel about him," referring to Jamie as a snake.

Sully becoming aware of Jamie's desire to be the Top Boy could be another reason for his murder.  When they were at Jaq's house, Jamie sarcastically said to Dushane, "Yes Boss."

There's also the balcony scene with Dushane and Sully. When Dushane mentions Jamie as the retirement plan, Sully responded by saying that he doesn't want the same things and left immediately.

Moreover, Sully was suffering from PTSD since the death of Jason in a house fire in Season 1 that he was unable to save. The guilt of murdering his former close friend Dris appeared to have taken its toll as well.

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In Reddit Season 2 Does Sully Kill Dris?

Reddit: Yes, Sully killed Dris in Top boy season 2 after he betrayed Summerhouse. Dris' health was deteriorating significantly following a stroke, and his mental state was affected when Dushane demoted him after he had multiple seizures.

And when Jermaine of rival gang London Fields approached Dris outside his daughter's school. They offered more money that would have allowed him to provide a better life for his young daughter Erin.

Dris had no choice but to give up Sully and Dushane's location as a result, Sully was enraged in anger and killed him. 

Is Jamie alive? Top Boy Spoilers And Deaths

Fans are wondering if Jamie is still alive as they cannot believe their favorite character is no longer alive. Top Boy spoilers and death are all over the Reddits following the disappointment with the last episode of the season. 

None of the spoilers suggest Jamie is alive. However, as the new season approaches, you will be able to clear your confusion about who was actually dead and who survived.