Tony Horton' Illness And Health Update: Where Is He Now?

Tonal has teamed up with Tony Horton, creator of the best-selling P90X® workout program, to launch a new workout program. ( Source : Tonal )

Anxious fans are curious about the health of the creator of the commercial home exercise regimen P90X, Tony Horton, after he was diagnosed with the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

Tony Horton, an established American personal trainer, author, and former actor, revealed he was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome type 2.

When the professional trainer was a student at the University of Rhode Island and a member of Phi Kappa Psi, he took a weightlifting class that piqued his interest in fitness.

Along with being a world-renowned motivational speaker and the author of the best-selling books "Bring It," "Crush It!" and his recent book, "The Big Picture," 11 Laws that will alter your life, the founder of P90X also works as a trainer.

Before his fitness journey, the founder began his career in improv and worked as an actor. Tony started in many exercise DVDs, including Power 90, which Beachbody promoted. He then produced the P90X (Power 90 Extreme), which became his breakthrough smash, and the P90X2 and P90X3 sequels.

A few months back, famous Canadian Singer Justin Beiber was diagnosed with a similar disease, Ramsay Hunt syndrome leading to a rare disorder that causes facial paralysis.

Quick Facts

  Full Name  Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr.
Age July 2, 1958 (age 64)
      Place of Birth
Occupation Personal trainer, author
Known for Creating P90X
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Shawna Brannon
Illness Ramsay Hunt syndrome type 2.
Instagram @tonyshorton
Update August 2022

Tony Horton's Illness And Health Update

Tony was diagnosed with facial paralysis Ramsay Hunt syndrome in 2017.

Trainer and P90X founder Tony Horton's Instagram post was filled with high-energy workout videos and inspirational messaging, but a recent post revealed his illness.

Tony's confession related to was diagnosed with the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.
Tony's confession related to was diagnosed with the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.( Source : Instagram )

The trainer revealed he first noticed something was off about three weeks ago when he had some Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a complication of shingles, pain on the right side of his head, followed by a tingling in his ear. 

After some time, the trainer realized he drooled when he tried to drink water and couldn't close his right eye was paining and burning got worse. Thus, he went to the ER, where doctors determined he had Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. 

Initially, Tony got discharged, but his ER reports showed his symptoms got worse, and he faced balance issues, vertigo, intense pain, and vomiting.

As per reports, Tony was on anti-viral medication and steroids, and his illness is slowly improving.

As of 2022, the fitness trainer is healthy and has no issues related to his health.

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Where Is Tony Horton Now? 

Tony,64, was born on July 2, 1958, to his proud parents in Westerly, Rhode Island, U.S.

Raised in Trumbull, Connecticut, by Tony's parents, Anthony Sawyer Horton (Sr.) and Jean (née Gencarelli) Horton, in Westerly, Rhode Island, was a self-described "98-pound weakling" with a speech impediment.

He had relocated with his family more than five times by age ten. The family was based at numerous American facilities while his father spent three years as a 1st Lieutenant in the Army. His father played golf, yachting, and minor league baseball.

After graduation, the founder of Px90 moved to Southern California and worked various jobs, including as a stand-up comedian and gofer for 20th Century Fox.

The fitness pro stepped back from Beachbody and created his home workout programs through other companies. Next Level. It launched around 2019 and is currently on Amazon.

What Happened To Tony Horton?

Tony was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a complication of shingles, in 2017.

His illness was a rare form known as Ramsay Hunt syndrome type 2. It is painful and damages the facial nerves despite Tony's fitness and healthy diet.

Coach Tony’s workout series is designed to build muscle, power, and full-body strength, and each workout will challenge you in different ways.
Coach Tony’s workout series is designed to build muscle, power, and full-body strength, and each workout will challenge you in different ways. ( Source : Tonal )

According to pimiso, Tony kept his lifestyle healthy and fit until he suddenly got to the emergency room and later discovered that he had become the victim of this rare disease. We have not found any other medical history on his profile, suggesting his excellent lifestyle.

We can find him regularly exercising through his social media handles, primarily through Instagram @tonyshorton. Likewise, people suffering from RHS often vaccinate against varicella-zoster, which is usually a causative agent.

The founder promoted healthy living through exercise and an appropriate diet by appearing on numerous television programs as a fitness and lifestyle expert. Tony Horton has collaborated with the beauty specialists at Ultimate Salon Professionals to develop his new hair and skincare line, TH Care, by Tony Horton, in keeping with his enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle.

Tony adopts a healthy lifestyle that results in accurate and long-lasting transformation. Combining physical activity, whole meals, and a positive outlook is the key to living an active life.

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