When it comes to styling your little girl's hair, the options are endless! From cute braids to adorable buns, there are countless hairstyles that can make your toddler look even more adorable. Whether you're looking for a casual everyday look or something more fancy for a special event, these hairstyles will surely make your little girl stand out from the crowd.

So, let's dive in and explore these delightful hairstyles for your little princess as we have compiled a list of 21 toddler hairstyles that are not only easy to do but also perfect for any occasion.

1. Side Swept Pigtail

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The classic single pigtail hairstyle involves gathering hair from the crown portion to one side of the head and securing it with an elastic band or ribbon. As a result, this creates a single ponytail that hangs down from the top of the head. 

This pigtail is a timeless look that can be styled with straight or curly hair, making it suitable for various occasions and hair types.

2. Pigtails With Ribbon

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Kids look adorable wearing a pigtail. But when the tails are accessorized with colourful ribbons, it gives your child a charming look. But if your child doesn't like ribbons, you can add bows, butterflies or any other designs of her choice!

3. French Pull Through Braid

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A simple French braid is a great hairstyle for your little girl. It's a cute and easy hairdo that will keep her hair in place all day!  It involves weaving sections of hair through a ponytail, creating a beautiful braided look.

It is easy to create and can be accessorized with bows or ribbons for an adorable finishing touch.

4. Box Braids With Buns

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Another addition to the space buns, this hairstyle aids in keeping your baby's hair tidy and manageable, making it perfect for active little ones. Plus it gives an adorable and playful look while adding a stylish touch to it. Be it a toddler, teen, or grown-up, this hairstyle suits everyone!

5. The Classic Hairstyle

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A high ponytail with a middle part bang is a cute, stylish and classic hairstyle for your toddler. It involves gathering their hair up high on their head and securing it with an elastic band. Then the bangs are parted down the middle and left to frame their face.

This easy hairstyle will take less than 2 minutes and give your child a perfect look while keeping their hair out of their face.

6. Cute Headbands

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Dress your toddlers in adorable bows or knot headbands and watch them look amazing! These accessories will add a touch of cuteness to their outfits and make them stand out. Whether it's a special occasion or just a casual day out, these headbands will enhance your little one's style.

Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to match their outfits perfectly and get ready for endless smiles as your toddlers rock these fashionable accessories!

7. Pull Through Braids With Fake Hair

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Create stunning pull-through braids for your daughter using colorful fake hair! These braids are not only fun and fashionable, but they also allow for endless creativity. Choose vibrant shades like pink, blue, or purple to make her hairstyle truly pop.

With a simple technique, you can weave the colorful hair into the braids, adding a playful touch to her everyday look. 

8. Just A Middle Part

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Middle-part hair is simple but speaks volumes when it comes to flaunting your natural textured hair, even for your toddlers!! This middle part will showcase your toddler's beautiful curls or waves and give them a polished appearance.

So, enhance your toddler's natural hair with a stylish middle part and let her show-off the waves. 

9. Tied Bangs

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This is the simplest and cutest hair look you can give your toddler. This image shows, how a simple hair tie can change the entire look of a little girl in a few minutes. It's quick, it's easy and yes, it doesn't hurt your little one.

Take a section of her bang area, secure it with a colourful elastic and brush her entire hair. That's it, your baby's hair is done in under 2 minutes!!

10. Pigtails

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Pigtails involve parting the hair into two sections and securing each section with a hair tie or ribbon at the top of the head. This hairstyle is popular amongst toddlers as it can be worn high on the head, low at the nape of the neck, or to the side.

Besides, they are a cute and practical hairstyle for active toddlers, keeping their hair out of their faces while they play around the house.

11. Bobbles & Twists

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The small elastic bands, also known as bobbles create cute little puffs or ponytails throughout their hair, Whereas the twisted locks add a fun and unique touch to the hairdo. Together, these elements enhance the cuteness of your toddler's hairstyle, making them look even more charming and lovable.

Take some inspiration from the picture and give your child a cute looking hairstyle before they grow up real fast!

12. Side Swept Ponytail

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You can see in the picture, the toddler looks absolutely precious with a side-swept low ponytail as it has added a touch of charm to their innocent face. The hair is neatly gathered at the nape of their neck, with a few strands left loose to frame their cute little face.

Besides, the cute little ponytail has added extra charms to her adorable features.

13. Double Buns With Chunky Clips

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Double buns aka Space buns, a trendy hairstyle, feature two high buns on either side of the head. To add a playful touch to her hairstyle, you can add chunky hair clips, bows or ribbons of your choice.

As seen in the given picture, these oversized clips are available in various shapes and colors. Also, it can be placed on each bun, creating a fun and eye-catching look. Not only do the hair clips add a fashionable element to the space buns but also help to hold the hair in place.

14. Hello Spider!

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For a quirky and playful look, add sticker eyes and braids to your top bun to transform it into a spider-inspired hairstyle. Use small, googly eyes as stickers and attach them to your bun. Then, incorporate braids into your hair, starting from the base of the bun and extending down like spider legs.

Awesome for Halloween, this creative twist will surely turn heads and make your top bun look like a cute and creepy spider!

15. Space Buns With Cross Braids

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Give your little one a trendy and adorable look with space buns adorned with criss-cross braids and cute scrunchies. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion and will make your baby girl stand out. The space buns create a playful and stylish appearance, while the criss-cross braids add an extra touch of charm.

Finish off the look with colourful and fun scrunchies for an irresistible hairstyle that will make everyone go "Aww!"

16. Pigtails With Multiple Braids

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The hairstyle consists of two high pigtails, where the hair is divided into two sections and tied with hairbands at the top of the head. As seen in the given picture, the pigtail has multiple braided locks, which are created by dividing the hair into smaller sections and intertwining them in a braided pattern.

Furthermore, these braids can be styled in various ways, such as regular three-strand braids, fishtail braids, or Dutch braids, adding texture and intricacy to the overall look.

17. Dutch Crown Braid

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Create a cute Dutch crown braid for your toddler by dividing her hair into two sections. Start braiding each section tightly from the front to the back, securing them with small hair ties. To add a touch of charm, embellish the braid with colorful hair accessories like bows, flowers, or sparkly clips.

This adorable hairstyle will make your little one feel like a princess and keep her hair neat and tidy all day long.

18. Space Buns With Tied And Braided Bangs

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The adorable hairstyle of space buns with a simple twist transforms your little girl into a precious angel. The cute buns atop her head give a playful and youthful look, while the tied and braided bangs add a touch of elegance. 

This hairstyle is a perfect choice for any special occasion or simply to make her feel like a little princess.

19. Donut Bun

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Accessorizing your toddler's hair creates a huge difference in their whole personality. With a simple addition, your baby will have an instant glow-up and be ready to spread their cute sass!!

To recreate this hairstyle, start by gathering the hair into a high ponytail and securing it with an elastic band. Then wrap the ponytail around the doughnut band to form a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Finally, add cute clips or bows to the bun for a playful and charming look. Your toddler will look absolutely adorable with this hairstyle!

20. French Braid

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A cute French braid on a toddler is absolutely adorable! With its cute and playful appeal, this hairstyle is sure to make your little one look absolutely adorable as the intricate weaving of the hair creates a stylish and charming look for little ones.

Not only does it add a touch of elegance but also uplifts their overall appearance. Besides, the French braid also helps keep their hair neatly in place, making it a practical choice for active toddlers. 

21. Mohawk Ponytail

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Create a magical look for your toddler this season with a Mohawk ponytail inspired by Princess Jasmine. For sure it's going to take a while to get this hair done but you will be proud of the end result.

To give her a more girly look, you can always add some ribbons and colorful hair ties!