TikTok User Curious About What I Want Song Meme- Here The Real Song Behing The Trend With Lyrics Explained

TikTok got the "What I want" song meme that went viral trend. Know the trend meaning.

Short videos and popular tunes are the focus of TikTok. You might like a song on TikTok but have no idea what it's called, and it's not always easy to track down the song.

Heardle is using back-to-back meme songs this April. It had featured the "What I want" song teasing the listeners with many chances to identify the track in question.

What Is 'What I Want Song Meme' Viral On TikTok? 

Because of a viral meme, one may recognize the intro to "You Make My Dreams" (Come True), but not the original artist. Tom Cardy's obscene TikTok version of the song helped it become viral.

On Heardle player tweeted a post that reads, "Not gonna lie, I had to find out what Tom Cardy's version was based on to answer this correctly. Cardy's version wins."

You Make My Dreams Come True has also appeared in several comedic films and television shows. The Wedding Singer (1998), Step Brothers (2008), and the iconic music scene in 500 Days of Summer are among the soundtracks it has landed on (2009).

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TikTok: What I Want You Got Song And Its Lyrics Behind The Viral Meme Trend

The What I want you got song lyrics come from Hall & Oates' You Make My Dream. The first lyrics of the song in question are as follows:

What I want, you've got

And it might be hard to handle

But like a flame that burns the candle

The candle feeds the flame

After correctly guessing "You Make My Dreams (Come True), one player tweeted a post that reads, "Thank you memes." This is not the first time meme music has been used in the Heardle game.

Heardle chose a meme classic for April Fool's Day on the first day of April 2022. Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give Up," widely known as the Rickroll song, was featured.

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What I Want Song Meme Originated From Heardle Game Music Lovers

Heardle has embraced culture in the first week of April 2022, with a game that asks listeners to guess some great meme tunes. What is, however, the song "What I Want I got" included in today's Heardle?

With its latest song selection, Heardle, the game that music fans are raving about, is embracing meme culture. The musical equivalent of the video game phenomenon Wordle teases listeners with a few seconds of a song's opening, giving them six chances to guess the track.

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