TikTok: What Happened To Miranda Cooper? Here's What We Know

Miranda Cooper is a TikTok star who was born with the genetic disorder Holt-Oram syndrome.
Miranda Cooper is a TikTok star who was born with the genetic disorder Holt-Oram syndrome.( Source : everipedia )

Miranda Cooper is a TikTok celebrity from the United States who has a genetic syndrome. 

Following her disappearance from social media, people are curious as to what happened to the TikTok star.

Some claim she passed away, others claim she was shot, and others claim she is hiding after TikTok banned her account for violating the law.

Quick Facts About Miranda Cooper

NameMiranda Cooper
Birth signSagittarius
HeightFive feet
Net Worth$5,000
Genetic ConditionHolt-Oram syndrome

TikTok: What Happened To Miranda Cooper?

Miranda Cooper is an American TikTok star who was born with Holt-Oram syndrome, a genetic condition that causes upper limb abnormalities.

Since there is no video on her social media accounts, the TikTok star was constantly searched by her fans. there were also rumors about her demise. 

To answer all of these questions, it has been reported by Latest News that Miranda Cooper is fine and alive.

Miranda Cooper is rumored to be banned from TikTok
Miranda Cooper is rumored to be banned from TikTok ( Source : twitter )

Furthermore, a TikTok account with her name has videos of her and her family that was uploaded at the beginning of this year. Following her sudden disappearance from the internet, netizens began spreading false rumors about her, claiming that she is a cat killer and indecent.

While some deny the rumor and share throwback videos and photos with her, others believe the story is true.

How Old Is Miranda Cooper?

Miranda Cooper is currently in her 20s. 

We assumed her age based on her online pictures, despite the fact that she has never stated her actual age or birth date.

We've known her since she was a youngster on Instagram, where she's been active since 2016. She has 1,701 followers on Instagram.

She has, however, abruptly stopped posting on Instagram since October 2017. She has previously discussed bullies and how they have affected her life to the point of self-harm.

It may be one of her reasons for quitting social media. 

Miranda with derekkildall on an event on Instagram
Miranda with derekkildall on an event on Instagram ( Source : instagram )

The effects of bullying can be long-lasting and affect a person in a variety of ways:

Mentally - upset, embarrassed, stupid, even fearful or angry

Emotionally - you may feel ashamed or lose interest in the things you enjoy.

Physically - tired (lack of sleep) or suffering from symptoms such as stomach aches and headaches.

According to UNICEF, the fear of being laughed at or harassed by others can prevent people from speaking up or attempting to solve the problem. Cyberbullying can even lead to people committing suicide in extreme cases.

Cyberbullying can have a wide range of consequences for us. However, these obstacles can be overcome, and people can regain their confidence and health.

How Tall Is Miranda Cooper?

Miranda Cooper stands tall, with a height of around 5 feet. Though her upper limbs are affected by Holt-Oram syndrome, her other body parts are standard and functional.

Medlineplus reports that the syndrome is distinguished by skeletal abnormalities of the hands and arms (upper limbs) and heart problems.

People with this syndrome have abnormally developed upper limb bones. Affected individuals have at least one abnormality in the wrist bones (carpal bones).

Individuals with Holt-Oram syndrome may also have a missing thumb, a long thumb that looks like a finger, a partial or complete lack of bones in the forearm, a poorly developed upper arm bone, and collarbone or shoulder blade abnormalities.

Miranda Cooper's Net Worth, How Does She Makes Money?

Miranda Cooper is a TikTok star who has a net worth of $5,000 as of 2022. 

Due to her Holt-Oram syndrome, she cannot perform the task and works like a fully functional person. However, she was making a name for herself on social media, which could have helped her earn money through sponsorships and endorsements.


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But she is currently absent from the platform, and no one knows how she makes her living. In addition to her, her father and mother have the same disorder.

She is well-known for her TikTok dancing videos, in which she performed on all of the songs that had gone viral for their classic moves.

Where Is TikTok Star Miranda Cooper Now?

Recently, netizens are searching for Miranda Cooper who was renowned for her little nub dancing. 

She has, however, vanished from the social media platform. Though we can still find some of her videos on the Backup account under the username, mirandacooper199911, it's not clear whether it is her official account.

Cooper is believed to be alive as reported by Latest News but her current whereabouts are unknown.

Some FAQs

What Happened To TikTok Star Miranda Cooper?

Miranda Cooper is suffering from genetic condition, Holt-Oram syndrome.

How Old Is Miranda Cooper?

Miranda is currently in her 20s.

What Is The Height Of Miranda Cooper?

Despite the genetic condition, she has the height of five feet.

What Is The Net Worth Of Miranda Cooper In 2022?

Miranda Cooper's net worth in 2022 is estimated to be $5,000. However, she is speculated to have much more in her early years on TikTok.

Where Is Miranda Cooper Now?

Unlike the rumors, Miranda Cooper is believed to be alive but her whereabout is unknown.

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