TikTok Video Claims Viral Selja Kpop Killer Is Back- Who Is His New Target 2021?

Selja Kpop Killer is back and her next target in 2021 might be BTS-JIMIN, EXO-SEHUN AND BLACKPINK-LISA!! Find more about her case history in this article. 

Selja Kpop Killer is known as The Idol Killer, has created problems for many idols through different mediums. She is the most extensive B.T.S. anti. 

As per the sources, she has tried to poison, hurt, and even kill some of the idols. Once she has added glue in a coffee and has given it to DBSk'. Following that, he had to go to E.R. because he had a seizure. 

Who Is Selja Kpop Killer Next Target 2021?

Selja Kpop Killer next target in 2021 might be BTS-JIMIN, EXO-SEHUN, and BLACKPINK-LISA

However, the exact names are unknown, but she might be hunting these famous faces like she always does. She is back after an extended period, and the social media users have said it as a bad sign. 

Although Selja hasn't officially mentioned whom she is going after, these three names are in the top priority lists, as per some netizens. 

A Korean sasaeng, Selja Kpop, sends death threats to K-pop artists through comments. Likewise, she tried to kill idols and celebrities & also attempted to get rid of "E.X.O.'s rivals."

Selja Kpop Killer Real Name And Face: Picture

Selja Kpop Killer's real name is Kim Yeoshin, and her face reveals pictures that are not found on the internet.

Some online articles have claimed that she is a real person, whereas some say she isn't. Twitter and Reddit users are showing their interest regarding this matter and her early life. 

However, if she isn't a real person, how would she threaten idols, and how could she become a BTS anti. It might be she has hidden her identity and hasn't revealed her face. 

According to some YouTube videos, she has hidden her identity and has repeatedly threatened idols and famous stars.

Is Selja Kpop Killer Back? Ladies Code Accident In 2014

Selja Kpop Killer, the reason for the ladies' code accident in 2014, is said to be back in 2021.

So, in 2021, the netizens are worried about the idols and have spread information about Selja. An EXO-I or, say, Korean Sasaeng girl has given death threats to the standards many times on different occasions. 

She has tried to poison one of the members of E.X.O., but she failed. Later again, she tried to poison one of the members of B.A.P., but again she failed. And, she is the reason why two members of the Ladies Code died in a car accident back in 2014. 

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