Here How To Get The "Eyes And Mouth" Filter On TikTok?

Eyes and Mouth filter is a greenscreen effect on TikTok, going viral on internet
Eyes and Mouth filter is a greenscreen effect on TikTok, going viral on internet( Source : youtube )

The Eyes and Mouth Filter has created another trend on TikTok.

The filter is essentially a greenscreen, with only your eyes and mouth visible on a background/picture of your choice. Using the filter on something that cannot speak has resulted in a model for understanding everyone's standpoint.

Some of you may be unfamiliar with the effect and are looking for a tutorial on how to use the filter. We've got your back.

Here you will find a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to obtain and use the filter.

What Is The Eyes And Mouth Filter On TikTok?

The Eyes and Mouth Filter is also called the Greenscreen Eyes and Mouth effect on TikTok. 

It's a greenscreen filter that lets you add your own eyes and mouth to any object you want. People started using filters on fruits and animals to make them appear more lively and funny and the effect gained popularity.

As of now, people have started using the filter creatively making an imaginary conversation or showing the point of view of different objects. 

For example, a luxurious dress thinks it is fancy and has a party to attend, whereas a regular PJ thinks they have to stay in the house all day.

Example of use of eyes and mouth filter on TikTok
Example of use of eyes and mouth filter on TikTok ( Source : youtube )

The filter has given life to all living and nonliving things that cannot express themselves. Not only in TikTok but the filter is available on Snapchat also. 

Eyes and Mouth Filter Trends

Though you can create your own version of TikTok using your creativity. However, here we will be listing out all the funny trend that is getting viral on TikTok, in the form of conversation;

@isivanbuild ok but why is it so accurate #fyp #zodiac #eyesandmouthfilter #scorpio #zodiaceye #eyes #earthsigns #watersigns #firesigns #airsigns ♬ покажи насколько ты cac - ddantata

  1. Use the filter on the Grass Doormat and your cat and portray the hateful relationship between the two. 
  2. Many are using the filter to read some lyrics of the song or some funny and controversial tweets on social media.
  3. You are going to chocolate and forgot that you have acne-prone skin. The eyes and mouth filter placed on your skin can shout leave or nooo in the reaction.
  4. Another useful one is when people use the filter to find the correct shape of their eyes and lips by aligning them in a photo with differentiated shapes.
  5. Your old clothes singing a sad song in a corner where you have thrown them for months, untouched. You can also create this trend by using your old bags waiting for you to go on a vacation or any other items.

And there are many more, you just have to search for eyes and mouth filters on TikTok and explore by yourself. 

How To Get And Use "Eyes And Mouth Filter"?

You can get "Eyes and Mouth Filter" on your TikTok effect section. 

Detailed information on how to apply the filter is explained below if you are having problems using them. Unfortunately, the filter is unavailable in some countries. 

Since the effect is available on both Snapchat and TikTok you can explore both platforms before being discouraged. Before applying the filter, keep in mind that if you don't use mascara or define your lips, your features will appear small and funny.

Eyes and Mouth filter as seen on your greenscreen segment of TikTok effect. In place of this downward arrow your filter can also have upward arrow
Eyes and Mouth filter as seen on your greenscreen segment of TikTok effect. In place of this downward arrow your filter can also have upward arrow ( Source : tiktok )

  1. Open TikTok 
  2. Go to your camera and click on the effect icon.
  3. There you will find a range of filters from trending, WorldCup, new, Greenscreen, Funny, and many more. Go to greenscreen and select the filter that shows eyes and mouth in a frame with an upward arrow. 
  4. Many of your phones have the same filter, but with a downward arrow. They both have the same effect.
  5. The only difference is that in the one with the downward arrow, you can move your eyes, mouth, and nose separately, whereas, in the one with the upward arrows, your eyes and mouth are fixed and can only be moved as a whole.
  6. After selecting the filter, you can upload the photo in which you want to use your face.
  7. Now that you have your filter on, you can proceed with the video and add your dialogues, and different photos, cut it, or add it until you are finished.
  8. And finally, upload it.


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