Who Is Tiger Helgelien Las Vegas? Shopper Video Emerges On Twitter

Tiger Helgelien posted his record-breaking sale in Calico Basin in Las Vegas.

Tiger Helgelien started working as a realtor before the housing bubble and witnessed firsthand the hardships that people endured throughout the housing crisis.

He wanted to build his own real estate team and ensure that he provided the best possible service to his clients. The lack of communication and availability of realtors was a common issue Tiger heard from clients.

Who Is Tiger Helgelien Las Vegas?

Tiger Helgelien was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and spent his entire childhood with his grandparents. Tiger obtained his bachelor's degree in psychology from Corban University.

Before migrating to South Dakota when he was 12 years old, he and his grandparents resided in Hawaii. While growing pheasants and guiding pheasants hunts on the farm in South Dakota, he learned the value of hard labor, dedication, and attention to detail from a young age.

Tiger and his grandmother went to Las Vegas after high school, where he still resides. He began his career as a Realtor in Las Vegas in 2006. 

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Learn About Tiger Helgelien Shopper Video Emerges On Twitter

Tiger Helgelien's shopper video emerges on Twitter. The realtor decided to make things easier for their clients. Realizing that there was a communication issue, he started making videos of houses for his clients. 

Bearing in mind the communication gap, Tiger prides himself on having open contact with clients and employs whatever method of communication each client prefers, whether face-to-face, telephonic conversation, text messages, emails, or even social media.

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What Happened To Tiger Helgelien?

Tiger Helgelien realized that there was a communication issue between clients and realtors through others in the real estate sector regarding their former agent. 

Being a successful, realtor and dedicated to his work, he and his wife together are making videos for houses for their clients. Tiger and his wife, Elizabeth Helgelien enjoy spending time together at church, sports, school, the outdoor, cooking, and volunteering.

Besides his professional work, he enjoys practicing his golf skills on the stunning golf courses in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas in his spare time. 

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