Thomas Mclaughlin Maine: TikTok Video Explained

Thomas Mclaughlin is a professor from Maine, United States. 

Out of the blue, a TikTok video about him started to gain all the attention of the country. That left everyone wondering about him. 

We are still trying to find out more details about the viral TikTok video. Our team is behind it and we will update more details very soon. 

However, Mclaughlin himself is not present on TikTok or any other social networking site. His social media will be updated if any changes  

Thomas Chalmers Mclaughlin Wikipedia: Who Is He?

Thomas Mclaughlin doesn't have a Wikipedia biography of his own. 

Moreover, Mclaughlin is a Mainer by heart. Born and raised in Maine, he was raised with no traffic lights and very few stop signs, according to his personal bio.

Where is Thomas Mclaughlin now?

Thomas Mclaughlin is currently based in Maine. 

Moreover, he is a co-director of the social work center for Research and Evaluation at the University of New England. 

In addition to that, Mclaughlin also works at Northcentral University in San Diego, California. He works part-time at the faculty of social work and social and behavioral sciences. 

Thomas Mclaughlin Age And Education

Thomas Mclaughlin's age remains under review for the time being. 

As for his education, the professor completed his bachelor's degree at the University of Southern Maine in 1993. He did a Master of Social Work from the University of New England, Maine. 

Later, Mclaughlin completed his PhD. in Social Welfare Policy and Criminal Justice. 

Thomas Mclaughlin Wife And Net Worth

Thomas Mclaughlin has not shared anything about his wife and family until now. 

Unfortunately, his financial details are yet to be known. We will try and update more about his family and net worth as soon as possible.