The Mentor: Marcus Barney Aka Him500 Net Worth In 2022

Marcus Barney is a businessman
Marcus Barney is a businessman ( Source : marcusbarney )

Marcus Barney, Aka Him500, is a financial strategist and businessman from the United States. He manages and controls Recession Proof, a financial literacy company.

Marcus, better known online as HIM500, makes the majority of his money by selling a lot of digital courses.

He asserts that the information he teaches in his courses is not available on Google or other platforms.

Marcus Barney Aka Him500's Net Worth In 2022

Marcus Barney, aka Him500, is the CEO of Barney Aviation and Blue Heart EMS, who has a net worth of $8 million as of 2022.

The entrepreneur started his own business when he was just eighteen. And, despite suffering a setback in his firm during the 2008 crash, he became increasingly inspired and grew his empire.

CEO of Recession Proof Xtreme Mentorship
CEO of Recession Proof Xtreme Mentorship( Source : instagram )

He is now helping others improve their financial and mental well-being after gaining sufficient financial knowledge.

Furthermore, he is the CEO of Recession Proof Tax & Co.

The Recession Proof Extreme (RPX) Movement is performed very well in the nation. The RPX mentorship scheme has given over 6,000 counselors the tools to improve their credit, build business credit, start life-changing businesses and create generational wealth through financial knowledge. 

CEO of Barney Aviation
CEO of Barney Aviation( Source : instagram )

Recession Proof Tax & Co. chapters are springing up nationwide to help counselors collaborate and learn from one person to another in a structured and intimate way.

The local chapters are having a significant impact on the mentees and their local communities.

The Movement is coming to your area because you have chosen to answer the Leadership Call.

Who Is Marcus Barney's Wife, Turquoise Barney Aka Her500?

Marcus Barney, aka Him500, is married to his wife, Turquoise Barney, aka Her500.

She is an Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. Moreover, she is the Co-owner of  Recession Proof Tax & Co.

Marcus Barney and Turquoise Barney's Children
Marcus Barney and Turquoise Barney's Children( Source : instagram )

She is a 35-year-old wife, mother, mentor, entrepreneur, and modern-day mom-preneur. She is originally from Northern California but now resides in Atlanta, GA.

Her500 is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of CSU Stanislaus, obtaining her bachelor of science degree in (BA) Business Administration. 

Turquoise has always stood out, and she has innately chosen to take alternative avenues regarding her life and what she wants out of it. After graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work with a minor in Business Administration, she entered corporate America to obtain her fair share of the “American Dream” formula. 

CEO of Blue Heart EMS
CEO of Blue Heart EMS( Source : instagram )

She soon discovered that this world was not for her. No matter how much she advanced in the traditional 9-5 arena, she never reached a point of contentment. 

There was always a longing for something more that would satisfy her soul and affirm her purpose in the world. With that said, Turquoise trusted her instincts and allowed her passions and heart to guide her toward her destiny. 

Merry Christmas Family Photo
Merry Christmas Family Photo( Source : instagram )

Turquoise Barney and Marcus Barney also bring their group of successful entrepreneurs, business mindset people, and connections to help  Recession Proof Tax & Co. expand companies' resources and materials.

They have many resources and connections that have helped them become Recession Proof, and people will gain access to them by being a part of the Recession Proof family.

Most people know Turquoise Barney and Marcus Barney have their own private jet broker/owner, American Express representative, and Exotic car importer within the family.

Turquoise Barney with her husband, Him500
Turquoise Barney with her husband, Him500( Source : instagram )

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