Symone Sanders is yet to marry her to-be husband, Shawn Townsend, with who she lives together in the South West Waterfront neighborhood. Find more about her relationship here.

Symone Sanders is currently trending after she decided to leave the White House- she is an American political strategist and commentator.

She has joined the 2020 presidential campaign of former vice president Joe Biden as a senior adviser. Later, when Biden won the election, she was named senior advisor and chief spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris

Symone Sanders Husband: Is She Married To Partner Shawn Townsend?

Symone Sanders is yet to be married to her to-be husband, currently her partner, Shawn Townsend.

However, the couple lives together in the South West Waterfront neighborhood of DC. Sanders partner Townsend is a former Washington DC's Night Mayor. 

Currently, he is working as a Principal of the Dewey Square Group. Before that, for more than eight years, he has served for the DC Government. And, also has worked as the Director of Nightlife & Culture for more than two years. 

Symone and Shawn are engaged but haven't talked about their marriage anytime soon. It seems the couple isn't rushing for the wedding and living their life happily with each other. 

Symone Sanders Gay Rumor

Symone Sanders is straight, and she isn't gay. Several rumors about her sexuality have circulated on the internet and social media.

But, she is engaged with Shawn Townsend and lives with him.

So, we can say she isn't gay; it is just a rumor and assumption made by the netizens. But, we can't specify why they are saying so. 

It seems they told because of looking at her trimmed hairstyle as she likes to have that look. Sanders is always seen in trimmed hair which may be the reason why people spread the gay rumor.

Meet Symone Sanders Family

Symone Sanders indeed does have a family and relatives as she shares their pictures on her Instagram handle most of the time. 

However, their specifics are not available on the internet, and she does not clarify them. We discovered she has a big brother, a sister who is like a best friend, and other family members through her social media.

On the occasion of Fathers Day, she has shared her partner's picture with a boy who seems to be their son. Her parent's and other family members' data are yet to be revealed.

Symone Sanders Net Worth 2021 Revealed

Symone Sanders' actual net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be in the millions. 

Being the regular worker of the White House, she must have earned a hefty amount. The White House members' salary is around $30,000 to $400,000.

As she has decided to leave the White House, let's see what next is coming for her.