Swindon Town Owner Clem Morfuni Wikipedia and Net Worth In 2022

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Clem Morfuni is an Australian who works at Axis Plumbing Group as the managing director, in 1994, and it now has a global presence and annual revenue of $200 million.

In addition, He has been making the rounds on the internet as the new owner of Swindon City FC and is rebuilding the club's membership.

As the owner of the soccer club, he began by appointing Ben Garner as the manager and signing players last month, kicking off the season in earnest.

After previously owning a minority ownership in Swindon Town, the Australian has decided to go all-in on the struggling League Two team.

However, The Robins had just been relegated to League Two, and they were without a management and a transfer ban. The city council also filed a lawsuit for unpaid stadium rent.

Who is Swindon Town Owner Clem Morfuni? Wikipedia

Clem Morfuni, an Australian, is the managing director of Axis Plumbing Group, which was founded in 1994 and currently has a global presence with annual revenue of $200 million.

Fans have been praising him on acquiring control of the Swindon Town football club. Prior to that, From December 2019 to November 2020, he was the owner of Bristol Rovers.

Clem, who had previously held a minority ownership in the club and served as non-executive vice-chairman.

He then quickly appointed former Bristol Rovers manager Ben Garner as head coach, and a slew of new players were signed before the season began.

For quite some time, he has been embroiled in High Court legal fights to defeat Swindon Town. Ben Garner was named head coach and Ben Chorley was named director of football shortly after he purchased the club.

In addition, he has managed and oversaw Bristol Rovers. Clem Morfuni, is dead set on resurrecting the club and is willing to risk everything to do so.

 Is Clem Morfuni married?

Clem Morfuni, owner of Swidon Town, has kept his personal life private, has yet to reveal whether or if he has a wife.

As of now he seems to be focused on his career and professional life rather than personal part. As a result, his current relationship status remains a mystery to the general public. 

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Clem Morfuni Net Worth 2022

Clem Morfuni, the newly stated owner of Swindon Town, must have a fortune in the millions.

As a businessman, he may have several sources of income resulting to hefty amount of net worth. With all of his knowledge, he definitely has a sizable sum of money under his control.

Similarly, his earning has resulted to extravagant lifestyle as of now.

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