What Is Steven Tyler Illness? Change In Voice and Health Issues, Is He Sick?

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Steven Tyler has faced many life-threatening illnesses in his life throughout these years, given his recent diagnosis of Morton’s Neuroma.

The rock and metal band "Aerosmith" is one of the legendary bands in the music industry.

Their music has been prevalent since the 1970s, and is the best-selling American hard rock band of all time, having sold more than 150 million records worldwide.

Steven Tyler, the band's lead singer, is widely known for his high screams and wide vocal range, including his on-stage acrobatics. Hence, his nickname, "Demon of Screamin."

Despite his successful music career, the Aerosmith lead singer has faced many health issues over these years.

Steven Tyler if famous for his exquisite appearance and fashion choice.
Steven Tyler if famous for his exquisite appearance and fashion choice.

What Is Steven Tyler Illness? Change In Voice and Health Issues

Steven Tyler faced a heavy blow in his voice that called for serious health issues in 2006.

After a two-hour performance in Florida, he had gotten into an argument during which he yelled. He woke up the next morning to find that he had a change in his voice as he had a hoarse voice.

The Lead singer then underwent surgery, which was later diagnosed to be a ruptured blood vessel in his throat. It was treated with laser, and the rock artist was put under rest by his medical team.

The band'sNorth American tour dates were canceled that year as Tyler rested. Though he returned to stage in July the same year, the singer had started working on the band's new album in mid-May.

His sudden accident called for a break from his music days for a few months, heavily affecting the band's plans.

Aside from the 2006 matter, Tyler has faced other illnesses in his life after that. 

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Steven Tyler Is In Rehab In 2022

Steven Tyler is confirmed to be back in the rehabilitation center as of late May 2022, creating headlines.

He and his bandmate Joe Perry are infamous as "Toxic Twins" due to their use of drugs during and after performances. Tyler has confirmed that he has spent some $6 million on cocaine use in his lifetime. 

Moreover, the Aerosmith singer is infamous for checking in and out of eight different rehabs all this time.

Steven Tyler 's foot due to Morton's Neuroma. He had once shown his left foot to Oprah Winfrey at her talk show.
Steven Tyler 's foot due to Morton's Neuroma. He had once shown his left foot to Oprah Winfrey at her talk show.

However, the current reason behind the singer's decision to seek rehabilitation help is another reason. He has taken Morton's Neuroma diagnosis seriously and is looking forward to tackling it.

Morton's Neuroma is a condition where a neuroma of an intermetatarsal plantar nerve affects the areas between the third and fourth toe.

Some of its leading causes are abnormal positioning of toes and wearing high heels or tight shoes. In Tyler's case, his use of tight shoes during his performances has led to his diagnosis.

He held on to excruciating pain, underwent surgery in 2008, and recovered through a painful post-surgery process.

However, Tyler has not overcome the pain; thus, he has chosen a rehab to live his days off away from his exhausting life outside.

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Is Steven Tyler Sick? His Heredity Disease And Other Issues

Steven Tyler is indeed sick given his Morton's Neuroma and other issues, including his 2003 diagnosis of Hepatitis C.

He had confirmed his Hepatitis C story in a 2006 interview with Access Hollywood and had undergone extensive treatment from 2003 to 2006.

His treatment also included a painful 11 months of interferon therapy. Though hereditary, Tyler's hepatitis C is due to the sharing and using of the same needles that spread the disease through blood.

Aside from his many chronic health issues, Tyler is open about his alcohol addiction.

Despite such issues, the year 2022 has proved to be helpful as the singer is seeking rehab while his bandmates have shown support to him. 

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