Steven Adams Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Kayla Kiriau? 

The rumors indicating that Kayla Kiriau could turn from girlfriend to wife of Steven Adams appear to be completely baseless.

There is no doubt that Steven and Kayla are in a romantic relationship right now.

But, the couple is not entirely open about their connection to the outer world. Thus, aside from those in the duo's inner circle, no one knows how far their relationship has evolved.

Nonetheless, the star duo has a lot in common: they were both born and bred in New Zealand, and they are both passionate about and skilled at Basketball.

Does Steven Adams Have Kids? 

Since Steven Adams is still unmarried, he does not have any kids. 

Adams grew up in a large family. He comes from a family of seventeen siblings, and he is the youngest of them all.

As Steven Adams is used to living in a large family, it's a little uncomfortable to explain why he doesn't have his own family until now.

Steven Adams Age: How Old Is The Basketball Player? 

Basketball Player Steven Adams is currently 28 years old. 

Adams was born in New Zealand to a Tongan mother and an English father. He grew up in Rotorua, a city on the North Island, New Zealand.

Steven enjoyed playing computer games from a very young age. His current favorite videogame includes Dota 2 and Smite.

Adam enjoys going on excursions in his spare time, especially with his dog Loki.

His autobiography, Steven Adams: My Life, My Fight, was published in 2018 and contains a great deal of information about him.

Steven Adams net worth Revealed 

The net worth of Steven Adams is estimated to be approximately $20 million in 2021.

Steven is a proficient athlete with many years of experience. As a result, it is clear that his contracts and endorsements enable him to earn stacks upon stacks of cash.

But like other successful athletes, he does not spend his money on flashy automobiles and jewelry. Besides, he donates a portion of his earnings to charity.

Adams also participates in a pre-Christmas charitable shopping spree for children. He is a philanthropist who enjoys assisting others.