Stephanie Stewart Missing Update: Has She Been Found Yet?

Stephanie Stewart went missing in August 2006 ( Source : Thetruecrimefiles )

A 70-year-old woman named Stephanie Stewart vanished on August 26, 2006.

On August 26, 2006, Stephanie Stewart, 70, working at the Athabasca Fire Lookout Tower in the vicinity of Hinton, Alberta, was keeping an eye out for any wildfires.

Her disappearance was reported to the police by coworkers, and a search was launched to find her.

Stephanie Stewart Missing Update, Has She Been Found?

Stephanie Stewart, age 70, disappeared on August 26, 2006.

It has been sixteen years since Stephanie Stewart vanished from a fire lookout near Hinton, leaving only a trace of blood on a step and a kettle of boiling water on a stovetop.

However, authorities anticipated a new area search would uncover information about her disappearance.

Around 100 persons, including RCMP members and search and rescue teams from around the province, explored the region close to the Athabasca Fire Lookout Tower in 2018, where Stewart, then 70, was last seen on August 26, 2006.

Stephanie Stewart vanished from her wildfire lookout tower near Hinton, Ab.
Stephanie Stewart vanished from her wildfire lookout tower near Hinton, Ab.( Source : Reddit )

They set up a command station next to the tower to cover 7,970 hectares over the following five days.

Stewart, a seasonal fire spotter for the provincial environment ministry, spent the fire season living at the remote observation site about 25 km north of Hinton.

Despite being a small woman with chin-length grey hair, blue eyes, and a weight of only 105 pounds, authorities said she was an accomplished outdoorswoman. She had been a fire spotter for more than a dozen years.

An acquaintance named Robin Slater informed The Canadian Press in 2016 that Stewart was a native of Canmore.

She was characterized as a remarkable woman who scaled Mount Kilimanjaro and rode a bicycle alone across Canada. She read many books, managed a sizable garden, and worked on embroidery and painting at the lookout.

When Stewart failed to call in for the morning weather report on August 26, 2006, coworkers became concerned. Before filing a missing person report, they made multiple attempts to get in touch with her.

The cabin was empty when a staffer went to check on Stewart. Water was boiling in a kettle on the stove, and the stairs leading up to the house were stained with blood.

At the time, police reported that her room was missing several blankets, pillows, and a gold women's analog watch. They do not think that Stewart was the victim of an animal attack.

According to Mike Cook, a local search and rescue official, the area was thoroughly searched during that time.

He stated, "There aren't any genuine new leads in this; it's something we never let go. We'll keep looking into it as we conduct several other searches throughout the province."

The Athabasca lookout, a fire watch tower located 25 kilometres northwest of Hinton, Alberta, in 2011
The Athabasca lookout, a fire watch tower located 25 kilometres northwest of Hinton, Alberta, in 2011( Source : Globalnews )

The search was aided, he said, by fifty volunteer SAR workers from eight provincial teams. Units of the RCMP are also searching the area, including a British Columbia-loaned underwater recovery team.

Cook claimed that new tools and unbiased viewpoints might reveal something they had previously missed.

With the aid of GPS, for instance, they can now see precisely where each searcher has walked, exposing potential blind spots.

However, the search yielded no leads regarding Stephanie; four more years have passed with no sign of her.

Where Is Stephanie Stewart Now?

70-year-old missing woman Stephanie Stewart has not been found yet.

When Stephanie Stewart vanished 16 years ago, she was working alone in a fire lookout tower close to Hinton, with a pot of water on the stove boiling and her truck parked outside.

The 70-year-old, who was in good health and had a zest for life, was thought to have been murdered for some time by the RCMP.

According to Warren, historical homicide investigations are never finished, and new information can continually advance them.

He added that there isn't a fixed standard for how often or how many searches should be conducted over a certain period.

"The investigation will continue, and our members will use whatever resources they can to bring a resolution to the issue," the statement reads. "When an opportunity presents itself to seek fresh information."

According to Warren, a spark is not always required to start a search attempt, although timing and resources are essential in many ongoing investigations.

In January 2018, Stewart was among three unsolved missing-woman cases in Alberta
In January 2018, Stewart was among three unsolved missing-woman cases in Alberta ( Source : Globalnews )

The family of Stewart last heard from her on August 25, 2006. She missed her usual radio check-in for work the following day, so another fire spotter was dispatched to her observation tower to see whether she was alright.

Stewart was one of three unsolved missing woman cases in Alberta that the RCMP declared would be considered killings in January.

The cases involved the disappearances of Deanna MacNeil in 2013 and Shelly-Ann Bacsu in 1983.

According to the police, there is no connection between the three crimes. No remains of the victims have been discovered.

Notably, the police have informed the media that they believe Stephanie was murdered based on forensic evidence found at the location.

To "preserve the integrity of the investigation," they choose to withhold specifics. But according to unconfirmed reports, enough blood was found in the cabin to prove Stephanie had been killed.

Even though the matter has been declared a cold case, new information could come to light in the future and change the course of Stephanie Stewart's disappearance.

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