Politician Anna Firth, a newly elected MP for Southend West, has pledged to "work tirelessly to build on everything" her predecessor Sir David accomplished. Continue reading teh article to learn more about the politician.

Anna Firth has been elected MP for Southend West, representing the Conservative Party in the by-election prompted by Sir David Amess's death.

On 15 October 2021, Mr. Amess, was stabbed to death during a constituency surgery at Belfairs Methodist Church in the town.

Ms. Firth received a comfortable 86 percent vote in the by-election, which drew a 24 percent turnout from a total electorate of 66,354.

Politician| Who Is Anna Firth? Wikipedia Bio

Politician, Anna Firth, 55, is the new MP MP for Southend West, representing the Conservative Party. She has yet to be featured on the Wikipedia page, but with her new accomplishment and post, we are confident she will be very soon if she continues to work hard.

She was born on 21 June 1966 in Leigh-on-Sea and is the daughter of a teacher and an engineer.

She considers herself a proud Essex girl, who believes in working hard, aiming high, and giving back.

Ms. Firth is a law graduate from Durham University who worked in financial services for a short time before retraining to become a London Barrister. 

She spend her12 years prosecuting criminals and dealing with major medical accidents and was elected to her local council. This drew her to politics, and she ran as the Conservative candidate for Southend West in 2022 and eventually won the election.

She is also serving as the Chief Executive of the Invicta National Academy. 

It is a non-profit community interest company that assists children in the United Kingdom in catching up on Msed learning due to covid-19.

Ms. Firth told voters that her plan after winning was to capitalize on Southend's newly acquired city status. Also, improve Southend Hospital's services, and focus on community rebuilding in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic.

People of Southend, West are looking forward to her and the promises she made during her election.

Anna Firth Husband And Net Worth 2022

Anna Firth is married to her husband with two children, however, she has not revealed the name of her partner. The politician's net worth as of January 2022 is $2million. 

She mentions in her bio that, besides the office and politics, she enjoys the theater, music, cycling, sea swimming, and scuba diving.

She also mentioned that she enjoys taking walks through their neighborhood's green spaces with her husband, children, and two dogs, Poppy and Lottie.

Ms. Firth has not revealed the actual data of her wealth and assets however, as a Barrister and now a politician, she surely has amassed a fortune.

However, now that she has been elected as an MP, she will focus on charity and development work rather than earning capital. 

In addition to being an MP, Ms. Firth is also a barrister & the CEO and founder of an online school.

We will update you with further information on her as soon as more information is made available. 

Where Is Anna Firth From?

Anna Firth is from Leigh-on-Sea, commonly called a Leigh. Ms. Firth is a native of Southend, where her four generations have thrived. 

Leigh is a town and civil parish in Essex, England.

It is currently the only civil parish within the borough and is a district of Southend-on-Sea with its town council. 

With her appointment as a city MP, we hope to see more social and infrastructural development.