Is Somara Theodore leaving Today Show At NBC4 Washington? Yes, Somara Theodore is leaving NBC4 Washington after nearly 5 years.

Somara joined the Brand studio on July 2017. She is known for anchoring the Weekend Show on NBC and WEWS News.

She grew up experiencing different seasonal climates such as Los Angeles and New York City, leading her to follow her dream as a meteorologist.

She completed her bachelor's degree in Meteorology from Penn State University. During her college career, she was associated with the Penn State weather risk management club, women in science and engineering, and the skating club.

From August 2011 to May 2012, Somara helped to raise money for children suffering from cancer through fundraising skating events.

With a keen interest in weather reports and their phenomena, she began her career as a field researcher at Penn State C.H.A.N.C.E and worked as an intern for WUSA-TV and The Weather Channel.

Later, she moved to NASA as a Micrometerology research assistant and familiarized herself with Ozone profiles inside forest canopies.

She began her regular career for WEWS News Channel 5 as host of Good Morning Cleveland programs and moved to Weekend Meteorologist.

Besides being a host, she is a writer as well as an influencer with over 25K followers on her Instagram account.

Is Somara Theodore Leaving NBC4 Washington?

NBC 4 Washington Storm 4 members holding holds during Somara departure.
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Yes, Somara Theodore is leaving the role of Meteorologist at NBC 4 Washington. She announced the departure on February 12, 2023.

Somara joined NBC in 2017 after working for WEWS News Channel 5 for one and a half years. While on NBC 4, she forecasted the weather and covered the situation related to storms or other natural phenomena.

NBC4 Washington is a TV channel situated in DC that covers the news related to weather, culture, and sports. It was founded on June 27, 1947, covering Toscanini and a boxing match.

She was Meteorologist who belonged to StormTeam 4, specializing in weather, traffic, breaking news, and entertainment. Her report was forecast on Sunday on and also on WTOP radio.

She reported the hourly changes in weather in Late Weather and evening weather session and provided accurate information.

Previously on January 22, she told the audience, "I know you all want snow, but you’ll have to go west, and I will update you about the rain forecast at 11".

On February 12, she posted images of her holding hands with other co-workers and thanking them for supporting and protecting her during her tenure in the show.

The NBC office members gave her a farewell party and wished her great achievements ahead in the upcoming years.

Her weather reports at NBC were astonishing, and the audience loved her charming way of presentation with the accuracy of the weather forecast.

Previously in 2013, she joined WJCL ABC as Weekend Meteorologist, performed live shots, and filled in for morning and evening shifts.

While working with News Channel 5 as Good Morning Cleveland Weather Anchor, she won the Emmy for her report on the plane crash in Akron.

Somara's Tomorrow: Weather for Your Holiday Time Outings | NBC4 Washington ( Source : youtube )

She moved to NBC4, situated in Metro Area in Washington as the weather anchor and provided the audiences with meaningful and true reports on the breaking news.

Where Is Somara Theodore Going To Work?

Somara reporting weather from the Today Show to the nation
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Somara Theodore is going to work for the Today Show as a weather journalist. She worked as a temporary correspondent in place of AI Roker.

Theodore joined the Today Show in place of the Roker on December 20, 2022, as the former host has health issues.

With her charming personality, she anchored the weather reports on The Today Show and won the heart of audiences although she was new.

Even the Today crew members showed their appreciation towards her for her brilliant execution in the forecasting show despite her young age.

The American show posted the clip from her presentation on Twitter. She wore a beautiful yellow dress and gave the winter weather reports to the nation.

As the AI Roker was recovering in the home and due to health issues, Theodore gave her best and filled in the gap.

She was also affiliated with NBC4 during her first presentation on Today Show. She managed her time and informed the audience about the forecast reports.

After 2 months of joining as a temporary Today Show, she officially announced her departure from NBC4 Washington and is focusing her career on the Today show as the successor of the AI Roker.

Somara Theodore Is A Today Show Weekend Meteorologist

Somara from the Today show in DC with Kristen Welker and Peter Alexander
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Somara Theodore works on the Today Show as Weekend Meteorologist. She first appeared on the channel in December 2022.

Previous awarding journalist AI Roker suffered from health issues that led to the vacancy in the forecast post, but Today Show quickly hired Somara as a replacement.

She is known for her expertise and interest in weather, seasons, and calamities, which gave her extra points to replace the former reporter.

The Today Show is informally known as NBC News Today which is an American TV show which first aired on 14th January 1952. The TV show ranks fifth among the oldest-running TV series in the United States.

Jimmy Fallon Reacts To Meteorologist’s Coughing Fit On Live TV ( Source : youtube )

In 2000, the show expanded to 3 hours of broadcast, and in 2002, it was ranked in TV Guide Magazine as the greatest TV series to watch.

The Channel made $508 million in advertising revenue in 2016 and recently launched Today All Day, a 24/7 streaming program.

The Today Show has a global reputation and huge opportunities for Somara to develop and achieve her dreams while being affiliated with the Series.

Besides weather forecasting, she has greater opportunities to cover the incident related to storm occurrence and their tolls on the nation through the platform and gains merits in journalism.

With her expertise and experience, she can convey weather-related information to the nation and make them aware of the ongoing and upcoming dangers.

Somara is affiliated with Today Weekend Show and features weather, traffic, and the latest updates with Savannah Guthrie, a co-anchor of Today, and Hoda Kotb, a co-host of Today with Hoda & Jenna.

Her forecasts can be viewed through the Today TV channel and the official site. Besides the website, it will be available on Apple TV, Peacock, and YouTube, named Today, with massive subscribers of 3.78 million.