Sofia Franklyn was revealed to be in a relationship with Peter Nelson in the podcast "Call Her Daddy." However, with her desire to keep her boyfriend's name private, she referred to him as 'Whitman.'

Previously on their podcast, he was first referred to as 'Suitman' when she and Alexandra used to discuss him.

Peter, the HBO sports executive, first joined HBO as the director of programming. He received his first promotion in June 2014 after working there for over three years. He eventually received a promotion to vice president of programming.

Is Sofia Franklyn Dating Her Boyfriend Peter Nelson?

According to Barstool's president David Portnoy, Sofia Franklyn was dating her boyfriend Peter Nelson. 

Radio broadcaster Franklyn and fellow Barstool creator Alexandra Cooper co-hosted the podcast before Portnoy, and she got into an online spat over it.

Sofia and Alexandra had a severe falling-out with David and each other in the middle of 2020.

The feud began when Sofia's boyfriend advised them to shop to find a better value for their labor than they were receiving. At that time, the girls still had one year left on their contract with the company.

However, David was upset, so he exposed to the public who the true "Whitman" was. He was Peter Nelson, a former HBO Sports executive.

Sofia Franklyn with her boyfriend, Peter Nelson
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When Sofia was a part of the Call Her Daddy podcast, she and Alex frequently discussed their love life while avoiding identifying specific guys by name(Distractify).

Sofia had discussed him extensively on the podcast, using a pseudonym to protect his identity. Since David exposed the identity of her boyfriend, Sofia has been very secretive about her love life.

However, DailyMAil reported in January 2022 about her trick of pretending to have a hidden admirer while in the pub. 

On her TikTok post, she admitted that she covertly pays bartenders to give her drinks to remind her dates that she "has options". Fans have labeled that practice and criticized it as "toxic" and "embarrassing."

She wrote in the popular video, which features her shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head, "When I "go to the restroom" and pay the bartender to deliver me an "anonymous" drink, so my date remembers I have options."

Sofia wrote in the caption, "Men love some healthy rivalry!"

Furthermore, she recently celebrated her 30th birthday with a guy but did not disclose him in the pictures she uploaded online. 

What Is Sofia Franklyn's Ethnicity?

@sofiafpodcast fans are curious about Sofia Franklyn's ethnicity; she is an American podcaster born to her parents in Salt Lake City, Utah. Meanwhile, the podcaster has kept the details about her personal life and siblings hidden from the public media.

Sofia, 30, received her economics bachelor's degree from the University of Utah. She formerly worked for a financial services company before entering the entertainment industry.

She left her job and relocated to Los Angeles. She worked as a podcaster and blogger for Barstool Sports in her first position.

She became intrigued by podcasting as a result of the encounter. The podcast gained a new level of attraction and interest due to Franklyn's alluring figure.

Sofia Franklyn now host her own Podcast
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Although she is best known for offering her readers obscene and frequently explicit sexual advice, she wants to present a more honest and complete image of herself.

Such as handling relationship conflict and anxiety management advice while never veering too far from the trademark wit and humor that first made her famous.

Sofia Franklyn's Net Worth In 2022

Sofia Franklyn has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2022. She was reportedly earning a base salary of $75,000 plus bonuses at the time when she was hosting "Call Her Daddy".

Franklyn first gained notoriety in 2018 when she and her ex-friend Cooper launched the podcast "Call Her Daddy." It was swiftly acquired by Barstool Sports and started to succeed right away.

However, they got into a furious spat over their drama-filled salary discussions with Barstool founder Dave Portnoy two years later. They allegedly desired to quit the organization in order to explore other options, such as book and TV agreements.

Sofia Franklyn enjoying her vacation in Italy
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He claimed that Franklyn and Cooper had attempted to renegotiate their pay a few months earlier, asking $1 million apiece. But Barstool had little leverage because they were already bound to a three-year agreement.

However, he added, he did make them a better offer: $500,000 each, plus bonuses and six months subtracted from their contract. But Farbklyn refused the offer and started her Podcast in May 2020.

According to Go Banking Rates, if your podcast episode receives 10,000 listens, you might make $13,450 per month.

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